Want To Hire Best SEO Company In Kenya? – [A Complete Guide]

Looking to hire Best SEO Company in Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa? Finding an SEO company in Kenya can be challenging. However, investing in SEO is imperative if you have a business/product website.

Choosing from best SEO companies  & SEO firms in Kenya can be one of the most important marketing decisions for your business. If you find the right company over time, this can catapult you to the first page of Google, which will drive the most profitable traffic to your site.

When it come to search engine optimization it can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. An SEO expert or agency can help ensure that when consumers do a web search, your website is one of the first resources to appear in the search results.

The reason we have mentioned the “profitable traffic” is because when you win the top placement on Google, you do not have to pay for that traffic because it is “earned” so your margins are fantastic.

If you hire the wrong SEO company, it can do you more harm than good.

 SEO Ranking Factors kenya

Questions to Ask When choosing a SEO Agency in Kenya?

A large number of brands/companies decide to delegate the SEO of their website to external agencies. Costly in the short term, this decision can prove to be a very profitable long-term investment.

However, many agencies claim to be able to do SEO when in fact the result is sometimes mediocre. But then, how can brands make sure they partner with the best SEO agency in Kenya?

SEO is open to a certain amount of interpretation; Google is relatively stingy when it comes to disclosing information about its algorithm, so we often rely on correlative studies to draw our conclusions about what works and what does not work.

This margin of interpretation of SEO can be exploited in different ways, which makes it difficult to distinguish between “good” SEOs and “bad” SEOs.

Google has, however, tried to distinguish between good SEO practices and bad ones.

Google’s video for webmasters provides useful tips for distinguishing what they call good SEO and bad SEO.

Google suggests giving an SEO expert at least four months to have a noticeable impact, so it’s important to make sure you feel confident in your choice.

The questions below, taken from the agency work experience, will help you find the right SEO agency.

There are two types of SEO – White hat and Black Hat SEO – What comes under white-hat SEO? Well, there are more than 200 google ranking factors that go into what makes a page rank high on the search results page, but the ones that matter the most are:

Whether or not your website is https or not.

Is your website is mobile-friendly

Is your website loading speed optimum.

Does your web page has schema markup

What is the quality of your web pages

What is the length of your web pages

Presence of social signals

Presence of quality backlinks

Do you have optimized images on your web pages

 SEO Ranking Factors Study

It is important to find the right balance; an effective partnership between the client and the agency requires a contribution from both sides.

If you want to hire top digital marketing agency in Kenya or are re-evaluating your current partner, use the questions below to make sure they’re on the right track. In this article you know more about

What an SEO company does?

How to figure out if you should hire an SEO agency in kenya

How to find the best SEO company for your business website

Questions you should ask an SEO company before signing a contract

Mistakes to avoid while availing SEO services in Kenya

SEO services in Kenya

1. How long will it take to rank on Google?

It’s a trap question. Any SEO company that responds with, “We will be able to get your business to rank within one to two months”. We apologize for being so forthright. It’s this kind of SEO company that gives a bad name to the entire industry.

Of course, there are on-the-spot adjustments that can be made to a site that already has a strong domain authority that can place a site on the first page of Google. There is no guarantee, however, and no one should be able to give you an answer to this question without searching.

A confident and established SEO service provider in Kenya will research your business and provide you with an estimate based on competitiveness and strategy, but will not guarantee first page results in a while.

It usually takes between 90-180 days, depending on the competitiveness of your industry and popularity of your keywords. For several reasons  like competition, domain age, content accumulation, etc. a high ranking may take as much as a year in competitive fields.

Ranking on Google is a process, not a magic trick.

2. What is the strategy for backlinks?

It amazes me how many companies do not have a backlink strategy.

Backlinks are the basis of the Google algorithm. If you do not have quality back links from Kenyan high authority website on your site, it will be difficult to increase your rank on Google Kenya.

You will want to measure the authority of your domain against your competitors, which is a good indicator to see how you rank on Google and also how far you have to go to increase this ranking. You can also check the “recently discovered links” on Moz to see the links pointing to your site.

If you do not have new links pointing to your site, it probably means that there is no proactive action in this area. If the SEO company says it is creating backlinks to your site, ask them for the backlink profile so that you can see all the links to make sure they are legitimate.

3. Is there any on-site optimization that will take place?

The user experience of your website is an important factor for Google. Do people stay on your site for a long time and do they have a good experience? Is there a high bounce rate?

When looking for a strong SEO company, make sure it is always looking for ways to improve the pages on your entire website. As we have mentioned, SEO is an ongoing process, so these types of projects should be ongoing.

4. What is the local SEO strategy?

What is the percentage of your business in your local market? If you have a lot of customers or services in your area, your website needs to be optimized in this local market. Ask the following questions:

–Will my business be submitted to a local directory? (Moz Local is an excellent directory.)

–Are my title tags optimized for Local SEO in Kenya? (If most of your business comes from a local business, this is very important.)

–Is my NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistent across your local site and directories?

–Or is it on the best directories in Kenya or of your home market? (Tip: Search Google to find the “best” lists and make sure your business is added to it.) Sometimes payment is required for this, but it may be worth it.

5. How will the reports be presented to illustrate progress?

Before you hire an SEO company, you must ensure that you get consistent SEO reports of the progress and success of the campaigns. Moz is an excellent software for beginners in SEO that will track your rankings of keywords on Google. Before starting with an SEO company, make sure there is a list of relevant keywords compiled.

This first list of keywords will be the benchmark of progress over time. If you start in position 40 on Google for “Nairobi Dentist”, obviously, over time, you will want to see the progress made. Make sure this list of keywords is not too complicated.

This is a major problem that makes reports unclear. You need to compile a list of “20 most relevant keywords” for the business owner to keep an eye on progress.communication is crucial while choosing an SEO company.

You need to make sure that the SEO company has SEO experts who can communicate appropriately and makes you understand the SEO plan in detail. Remember, if the SEO company cannot assure to provide you regular reports then you can try out the other options that you have.

6. How long will you take to understand our business?

For SEO to be successful, you need to really understand the company you are working with, otherwise, Google will not understand.

We worked with a law firm that had previously worked with a company that spent 80% of its advertising budget on the “WIBA (ACT)”, while workers’ compensation was only 15% income from law firms. If your SEO company does not understand which markets, services and products generate revenue, your entire strategy may be misaligned.

We recommend every SEO agency and company in Kenya with whom you are about to work with to meet for at least 90 minutes before talking about SEO in Kenya to review the business principles.

7. Are there searches for keywords in progress?

Your SEO agency should be able to present the most popular keyword variants for your home page and inside pages which leads to more traffic to your site.

Tip: If you do a Google search and scroll to the bottom of the first page, there are “related search terms” that Google will find. These are great variants of keywords to include on your site. Ask your SEO company if it uses this free method or a tool to find relevant keywords that can convert for your business.

8. What is their blog strategy?

Blogging SEO

While many SEO companies can write generic blogs, you should ask yourself the following questions: “What is the importance of blog for my site SEO and for my business?

Business owners tell us all the time: “I’ve heard that blogs are important to Google.” Yes, blogs are useful – if their content generates relevant traffic for your business and can lead to new business or simply inform your audience. For your blog, you should focus on issues that your customers might have that are not covered on your site elsewhere.

Do not blog just to say that you are blogging. Make sure it has a purpose relevant to your business.

9. Do you have three references that I can contact?

Any SEO company will have a reference that it can provide you with. A more established SEO company will have at least three references who can talk about how successful their company has worked with the company.

If you want to manage your business with a master hand and thus to load yourself with your positioning on the internet without any knowledge beforehand, then visit DimeHub, located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Here, we will provide you with the guarantee of a quality SEO strategy in Kenya that will improve your business efficiency.

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Kenyan SEO Company

This does not mean that you should hire the first company found online. Keep in mind that not all of these agencies are created equally. To help you make the right choice, we will identify the common pitfalls to avoid and the best practices to follow when it comes to choosing an agency to optimize your SEO on search engines.

The goal is to help you understand some of the mechanisms behind the work of a Web SEO. Because if SEO is important to your business, then the choice of company or person to call on will have a major impact on achieving good results. There are a lot of mistakes that people make when they face the question of choosing a good SEO company.

MISTAKE 1: The magic recipe

The first mistake is to believe the sales pitch that unfortunately a lot of poor SEO consultants in Kenya use, which is there are a secret recipe and magic. There are no secret SEO recipes.

If you hear phrases like:

“We have a secret formula to put you in first position 24/7”

“We are proposing a new form of SEO. It’s not Adwords”

“We have an optimized algorithm”

“Our partnership with Google”

It’s a very bad sign. Nobody has a secret and exclusive process. SEO is a very, very open field. Admittedly, this is a complex area, Google has more than 200 ranking indicators, and they are evolving all the time. Doing things right is the only strategy that works. If you try to play or cheat with Google’s algorithm with obscure methods or “magic recipes”, this can only work against you.

MISTAKE 2: Google to find a web search agency

The reasoning makes sense if you think about it in a simplistic way: A good SEO agency must have its site ranked at the top for the following keywords:

“SEO agency in Kenya”

“SEO agency in Nairobi”

“best seo company in Kenya”

“best seo company in Nairobi”

Example: If I am looking for the best SEO agency in Nairobi. So I googled “best seo agency Nairobi“, and surely I would have a list of the best SEO agencies with the number one at the top.

But, unfortunately, the Google results page will not necessarily show you the best. Because the first 3 or 4 are usually paid ads. Moreover, the best SEOs in Kenya are constantly inundated with customers and have a high retention rate.

They make a lot of money and are incredibly busy, so they do not work to optimize their own website to get new customers.

As a result, many companies that are well ranked are not the best. Sometimes you can find good people in there. Overall, Google ranking is not a good criterion for choosing your SEO consultant.

MISTAKE 3: They’re going to get you thousands of links

Where, how and why. These types of promises are a clear symptom of web spam, something that Google severely penalizes. The traffic came from two different traffic networks, along with several cheap VPS providers, a number of blackhat marketing and SEO companies.

At this point, it was easy to add two plus two. Our client, possibly, had hired someone to increase the traffic of their website and obtained, more or less, what they expected. Although this incredible increase in traffic was completely useless since it did not generate a single sale and only served to falsify your Google Analytics statistics.

MISTAKE 4: They’re a bargain

Think about it, how much a company has to pay a specialist, tools, expenses, etc., dedicate to you? to take advantage of such a figure? 30 minutes? If that’s what it takes to conquer Google, nobody would hire SEO services. Do not choose a cheap SEO agency in Kenya because you get what you pay for.

MISTAKE 5: Choose a local SEO company

The big advantage of SEO is that you can do it from anywhere, which means you will not have a problem with your local SEO company. So, do not hire a foreign SEO company unless your target market is in that particular country.

Benefits of using an SEO Services In Kenya

We often ask questions about the importance of SEO but especially the good reasons to use a specialized agency. Admittedly, it is an investment in addition but you must know that it is an investment that is really worth it, especially if you do not have enough expertise in the SEO sector in Kenya.

For a better SEO strategy

You have to know that SEO is not done right and wrong. To get quality results, you have to start with a good strategy. As you must know, SEO must meet a number of criteria such as content, keywords, links, etc.

In any case, by calling on a qualified agency, you will have the assurance of an effective strategy thus you will get much better results. Indeed, the agency will help you find the necessary steps to optimize your site, and in the best conditions.

For support and advice adapted to the needs

Another advantage of using a professional SEO services in Kenya is the support it offers. Indeed, with the help of an agency, you have the guarantee of accompanied SEO.

As a SEO specialist in the field, the agency will guide you in your choices and provide you with advice tailored to your needs.

For a sharing of knowledge and skills

An SEO firm is an agency specializing in SEO strategies, as the name suggests. Also, by using the services of this type of agency, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the subject.

Indeed, not only these agencies advise you but they also provide you with information to learn more. In addition, you can get the answers to all questions.

For an effective SEO result

It must be known that the success of an SEO is not easy to acquire. Sometimes one can find all the essential criteria without succeeding in properly referencing the site.

That is why it is recommended to use an seo agency in Nairobi. These agencies will optimize your site and offer you much better positioning on the search engines.

For a profitable investment in the long term

The rate of the services is often problematic when one calls upon an agency of referencing. We often tend to think that these are additional expenses, however, you must know that it is a profitable investment.

By using an agency, you can save time, energy and most importantly money. You will not need to go looking for different tools used for SEO or points to respect. It is important to note, however, that SEO results will only be visible after a certain time.

You need to make sure that the so-called best SEO company you’re hiring, for your SEO needs, knows everything about your on-page and off-page SEO needs. This will help you find the right SEO services provider and achieve your SEO goals.

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