Allianz Insurance Kenya Limited

Company Intro

Allianz Group is a preeminent name in Insurance and Asset Management. The group has successfully flourished in over 70 nations covering all mainlands including Africa. With the help of global footprint, the company has an extensive pool of information and an unrivaled proficiency in encouraging all classes of insurance.

In Kenya, Allianz Group is delineated by Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited, (Allianz Kenya) and is authorized and managed by the IRA – Insurance Regulatory Authority (click here for our permit).

Allianz Kenya gives a broader perspective to the proficiency and fiscal stability of the Allianz Group. The group does this by offering insurance products to protect families, corporates, and individuals living in Kenya. We concentrate on authorizing our clients to move ahead, both in their lives and business.

Services We Offered –

  Web Design

  Web Development

  Online Distribution Platform Development

  Web Hosting, Maintenance

Web Design – We don’t believe in creating attractive pages but designing experiences. Believing in this, we build responsive designs to cater to the needs of a wider audience. We ensured that the designs are not only compatible with varied devices but also loads fast.

Web Development – Using the vast experiences of our development team, we created an online image with having proficiency in building custom and scalable web solutions. We really went one step ahead and produced relevant themes and inclusive interfaces with maximum interactivity to help clients associate with their audience better.

Online Distribution Platform Development – We helped in creating a helpful & user-friendly platform where they enjoy the convenience of having customized insurance rate quotes.

Web Hosting & Maintenance – Being one of the professional web hosting providers, we provided quality services. We ensured disk space and bandwidth, website creator and FTP, email services, support & uptime services. As for maintenance, it included periodic meetings to keep a track of the website.

Marketing Works We Did –

Digital Strategy – In order to have a killer digital strategy, we followed some key points, such as –

  We set the objective and go all guns blazing to achieve it.

  Holistic comprehension of target audience

  Audit and update SEO more frequently.

  We focused on native advertising.

SEO – Making the utmost use of SEO, we helped drive the customers to the business via online platforms. While building an SEO strategy, we keep following pointers in mind –

  Focus on the target audience.

  Optimize websites for mobile users.

 Improved traffic on the website.

  Both on-page and off-page SEO.

  Keyword optimization.

  Analyzed competitors

  Making maximum use of research tools.

  Blog Optimisation

PPC – Our PPC services comprised of making relevant PPC keywords lists, keyword groups, and ad text. We also created optimized landing pages having persuasive and landing page content and a call-to-action tailored to particular search queries. We mainly focused on adding keywords relevant to the business.

Content Development – We generate performance content. Our experienced content writers, with vast expertise in the insurance sector, gave their best in writing related keyword-rich extensive blogs/articles.  Our initial step is to conduct keyword research, followed by keyword optimization, content organization, and content promotion.

Video Development – Realizing the fact that video marketing is a gold mine for SEO, we concentrated on one of the effective ways of marketing i.e. video development. Catering to the needs and queries of the users, we engaged our best team in creating informative and detailed videos.  Informative videos created by us increased conversion rates.

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