Car Insurance Kenya

Company Introduction –

Car Insurance Kenya is a leading name that helps you decide an apt insurance cover in Kenya. As a customer, you get to make yourself acquainted with the latest updates in the insurance industry, different coverage options, advice, and tips and tricks, etc.

Web Design/Development Works –

Web Design – Our creative process of designing a website comprises of –

   We begin the process by going through both the brand’s and the competitor’s website.

   We kick-off with the research and wireframing.

   The third step includes putting ideas to pixels.

   This is where we do the presentation.

 Once the presentation is done, we perform changes as per the feedback.

Web Development – Our developers gathered the information such as the purpose of the website, goals and the target audience. Our planning comprised of the sitemap and creating a wireframe. The designing part involved of page layouts, review, and approved cycle. Then the coding process starts, followed by testing, review, and launch.

Web Hosting & Maintenance – Our web hosting services gave a boost to the digital presence of the brand. In addition, it also provided a boost to the performance and stability of the website.

As for the website maintenance, we ensure apt functionality of the website, best ROI from the website, updating the site with the latest details, ensure increasing traffic of the website.

Marketing Works We Did –

Digital Strategy – Our digital strategy comprised of –

  •    Setting goals
  •    Prioritizing the goals
  •    Tracking success through analytics
  •    Evaluate and move ahead

SEO – With the help of SEO, we increased the number of organic traffic to the website, brand awareness, helped achieve business goals, and measure the results.

Content Development – We consistently created, published, and measured content, thus helping the expansion of the website’s digital footprint, increase web traffic, and driving online leads.


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