Hayer One Limited

The business philosophy of the Hayer One Group is simple. They believe that the fastest way to succeed is to help others succeed. They develop, build and insure goods. But more than real estate developers, they are human developers. Hayer One Ltd. website created with a clear vision: to transform the perception of quality in the real estate market in Kenya.

It offers state-of-the-art technology, high quality building materials and qualified professionals.

Services We Offered

Web Development Works

Web Design

The web design we create is not just a graphic dressing of your site, even if its impact is determining for the image. Our design conveys positive and attractive concepts of this company but especially give confidence to its visitors.

Web Development

We are responsible for the realization of the website and the features that go with it, our web developer is a multitasking and multi-languages programmer, very flexible (agile), to adapt to the many needs of the client’s website.

Web Hosting

We offer the best type of web hosting and is suitable for most online business owners. With shared hosting, multiple clients share storage space on a powerful server. Our hosting has several advantages, including Affordability and Ease of Use.


We offer you reliable and personalized technical assistance. We have maintained this website to help the user to know with what he is looking for.

Web Design / Development Works

Web Design,
Web Development,
Web Hosting, Maintenance

Marketing Works


With our team of specialists covers all web marketing optimization techniques and has management and optimization expertise that respects ethical codes for SEO which proves very beneficial for real estate business.

Content Development

We offer our client the guarantee of providing texts which arouse the interest of the readers. Our content writing team in is able to process your information in a relevant way using original sources to ensure the visibility of this site in the search results.


Our Google Adwords certified experts controlled the simplest campaigns to the most complex with multiple themes and targeting multiple regions for our client. Proven keyword-to-performance strategies not only combine generic keywords, but also long tail keywords.

Email Marketing

The email marketing solution we offer our client is optimized to be easy to use. It takes into account the numerous restrictions put in place by simplifying their life. Moreover, its interface is easy to use to create a new newsletter and to consult the statistics of your previous shipments. Use our expertise to get more qualified sales by creating a close link with each member of your mailing list.


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