Insureafrika Pvt Ltd

 Company Introduction –

InsureAfrika offers free online insurance quotes from insurance companies in Kenya. The services provided by the company considerably saves your time and money as they link the customers to the companies having cost-effective quotes for each type of insurance.

Web Design/Development Works –

Web Design – We kept the right color combination to give it a professional look. For the convenience of the users, we followed a strategical design where the customers had easy access to the different insurance services. We also ensured other key elements of designing such as – smooth backend coding, speed optimization, SEO friendly, etc.

Web Development – Our developers used the best website platforms and best web development languages. We also added tools and applications that are result-oriented while keeping the security and functionality as top priorities.

Online Comparison Platform Development – We created a user-friendly platform where the users have the convenience of having customized insurance rate quotes such as car, travel, health, etc.

Web Hosting & Maintenance – Our web hosting services helped in boosting the digital presence which further enhanced the performance and stability of the website. We ensured that the website also scales with the business.

Taking care of web maintenance, our team of specialists offers result-oriented services. As part of our website management services, we carried out managed backups, proactive monitoring, content management, and website support.

Marketing Works We Did –

Digital Strategy – We understand that you need to follow certain steps to manage a good digital strategy. To pursue this, we followed the following steps –

   Identifying our objectives

   Creating customer personas

   Prioritize digital channels

   Setting up the budget

   Measure the performance

SEO – We made the utmost use of SEO and ranked some of the competitive keywords in SERPs. To do so, we incorporated some of the key SEO techniques –

   Detailed Keyword Research

   Content Creation (Blog Optimization)

   On-page and Off-page SEO

   Internal Linking

   Content Promotion on different social media platforms

PPC – Our PPC endeavors contained getting the brand in front of the potential customers in the right place, at the right time, and on the right device. We helped in increasing ROI and reduced the marketing cost considerably.

Content Development – Our experienced team wrote extensive and informative keyword-rich articles/blogs. Content generated by us converted prospects into subscribers and customers. Most importantly the content also helped in drawing organic traffic to the website.

Video Development – As one of the key content strategies, video development helped increase revenue, increased organic traffic, landing pages increased with video increased the conversions, and the users stayed more on the website.

Infographic Development – We believe that Infographics are a creative way of telling visual stories. Infographics created by us witnessed increased user engagement as they were easy to understand, shareable, linkable, and the best part it gave a boost to the business.

Email Marketing – Our email marketing endeavors helped cater to the needs of the target audience, increased brand awareness, cost-effective and benefitted the business.

Logo Design – We created a logo that gave the business identity and also projects a professional image.

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