Tirupati Kenya Limited

Our client Tirupati Kenya Limited deals directly with the customers to offer you the best tinting windows films purchase. To offer you the best car window film adhesive film for all high-quality tints, meeting the standards in force. Give you the choice: range of more than 100 products, choice of delivery time and choice of payment method.

Services We Offered –

Integrated CRM & ERP System-

ERP- An ERP system is supposed to integrate all your information into a single system, thus preventing your different services from using software applications that do not communicate with each other.

CRM- Customer relationship management is a strategy by which the company aims to understand, anticipate and manage the needs of its current and potential customers.

Completely integrated with CRM & ERP System manages all the information on marketing campaigns as well as the follow-up of contacts, activities, opportunities, calendars and forecasts of upcoming sales.

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