10 Top Web Design Trends in Kenya For 2019 You Can’t Ignore


web design trends in kenya for 2019

Nowadays, the website’s design, for any business, really makes a lasting effect on the users. Also, the design also goes one step ahead in cementing the credibility and trustworthiness of the business.

Trend #1 – Effective UI – 3-dimensional illustration
Trend #2 – White Space
Trend #3 – Custom Graphic Designs
Trend #4 – Usage of Bright, Bold Colors, and Gradients
Trend #5 – Effective Integration with Responsive Design with Apps
Trend #6 – Integrated Video
Trend #7 – Dynamic Scrolling
Trend #8 – Minimalism
Trend #9 – Abstract Shapes
Trend #10 – Bold Typography

Don’t take our word for this. As per a study, 97% of the buyers prefer to research online before they make a purchase.

Having a practical and modern web design is the need of the hour when it comes to the reputation and better future of the business.

Now that we are in 2019, Discover the latest web designing trends, techniques that will define website design Kenya in 2019 — and beyond. With UX & web designs constantly evolving, our web designers review the top trends we expect to see in 2019. Stay up to date with the newest web design trends in Kenya. Find out what cool website features you should use to make cutting edge websites in Kenya.


Trend #1 – Effective UI – 3-dimensional illustration


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There is no doubt that people have become more web-savvier than before. Today, the users are on a lookout for a rewarding online experience. In a sense, this sharpens the contrast between digital products and human beings, even as it brings them together into imaginary spaces where people can grasp and manipulate digital elements.

With that in mind, perhaps Stripe’s much more realistic credit card animation offers a glimpse of a future where the physical and digital can be rendered as such.

Imagine, you visit a website to make a purchase. But, unfortunately, you have to spend hours looking for the product you want to buy. In addition, long and confusing check-out process make the matter worse.

Would you continue shopping from the website or would you bail out? Honestly speaking, you would choose to bail out.

A competent user interface does encourage web conversions by up to 200%, and with effective user experience, the conversion rates can surge up to 400%. Following are some of the key benefits of having a good UI design –

Simplifies searching.

Improved navigation.

Increases sales.

Enhanced user engagement.



Trend #2 – White Space

white space - innovative web design trends for 2019

Visually cluttered designs are old and clean design is in vogue in 2019. The reason behind this is simple – designs offering lots of white space provides easy readability and navigation. Leaving lots of white space also helps in grabbing the attention on the key elements of the page.

Technically, it does not have to be white. It’s just that the page should be kept devoid of any image, graphics or text. Frankly, the trend of having white space is not new. However, with a consistent push to offer an effortless experience for the users and rewarding conversions, white space will be more significant in 2019.

The days of overcrowded websites are long gone. Having too many graphics and information tends to make the website obsolete and makes it less functional. In 2019, we assume a paradigm shift towards design that features lots of white design.

Trend #3 – Custom Graphic Designs


If you want to make your own identity, it is imperative to visually distinguish your website from the existing competition. This cannot happen if you continue using generic website templates.

Over the years, web templates have undergone significant alteration. Today, you have easy access to a plethora of customized templates. That said, various other websites, including your competitors, may also use these same templates.

In 2019, the trend of having customizable design will escalate as businesses look to create their own identity to stand out in the competition. This year, more and more companies will make their best efforts to embrace an exceptional and cohesively branded web design. Custom web designing in Kenya and illustrations, being helpful tools, will play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

Trend #4 – Usage of Bright, Bold Colors, and Gradients

The right color makes it easier for the users to read the message clearly and make it more appealing, all this collectively helps in making significant improvements in readership by 40%. Human color vision mainly depends on three photo receptors that discern key colors – Blue, Green, and Red.

The perfect example of this is the website of Next Insurance Kenya. The home page supports a bright blue color which immediately catches the attention of the users and the white color for text helps in making the text to stand out, therefore improving the readability.

Considering the color being one of the useful visual communication tools, deciding the right colors will significantly boost the number of engaged viewers and reducing the bounce rates.

Like discussed in the previous point, where every brand wants to be different from the competition – bold color choices serve the purpose well. For these reasons, designers will embrace bright colors in 2019.

Next Insurance - Experience the NEXT Level of Insurance In Kenya

Bright colors and gradients exist together. For the past many years, the designers have been calling gradients as a trend, so the gradient is considered more of a standard than a trend. Contemporary screen technology is proficient in carrying out the color blending that is imperative to make the gradients look notable. That said, this is not the reason why gradients are so prevalent in design.

The best part of the gradients is that it offers a subtle look and that too without being too busy. That is what makes them so important for adding a touch of unique charm to a design without destroying the vital stuff.

You want to draw the attention of the users to the vital information or call-to-action on your website, this is only possible when gradients are used skillfully.

top web design trends 2019 infographic kenya

Trend #5 – Effective Integration with Responsive Design with Apps

Increasing numbers of users, in 2019, access the internet on their smartphones than their personal computers and laptops.

Because a smartphone is a popular way to access the internet, it is crucial that your web design support mobile users. An average mobile user spends more than double the minute online as compared to desktop users.

Do you still need a reason to go responsive?

Ponder what is the search procedure, of a user, for something.

As per Google, around 50% of the users search for something on a smartphone.

Every business should optimise their website for smartphones. If you are not able to provide a useful mobile experience, then you are simply turning your customers away.

Responsive Design –

Having a responsive web design has the following benefits

More mobile traffic

Low maintenance

Faster web pages

Reduced bounce rates

Higher conversion rates

Improved SEO

A rich online browsing experience

Today, responsive design has become so common that smart businesses are designing responsive logos to accommodate varied screen sizes.


Mobile Apps –

Mobile apps are programs designed mainly to use on smartphones. They are also standalone applications for smartphones. Today, most of the businesses use their best resources to integrate the user experience on their mobile apps along with their websites. From the customer point of view, they also anticipate such smooth integration.

Some businesses are dependent on their website as their main service. These web applications are more than just a hub for information and an online store. It is not wrong to define them as complex websites along with layers of the user interface.

Complex websites are not that easy to translate effectively for smartphones solely with responsive design. This is where a mobile app can prove beneficial.

Owing to this, responsive design and mobile apps will be a trend in 2019.

Trend #6 – Integrated Video

Integrated Video - web designing trends in kenya 2019

There is no denying the fact that video is one of the most effective forms of media and it immediately captures your attention. Besides, video can also prove fruitful for SEO ratings.

Google keeps a close check on how much time the user spends on your website. From this, Google determines its value. It is simple, the more time spent, the better the rating. With the help of the video, the user/customer is encouraged to spend some extra time on the website. That is why a video has emerged as a crucial web design element.

modern web designing trends kenya 2019

Short videos and animations are used as integrated design elements by the designers. These comprise of video headers towards the top of the website and animated characters showing the product as a part of the ‘how to’ page.

These minute, fortuitous video elements tend to amaze and engage the users. This helps in creating a better user experience and rewarding SEO results for your business.

Indeed, we will see an increasing number of businesses embrace strategic use of videos in web design throughout 2019.

Trend #7 – Dynamic Scrolling


A couple of years back, scrolling was in trend, but then it somehow lost its significance with the introduction of new designing trends. But, now in 2019, scrolling is making a comeback. It has been noticed that the users are happy to scroll if a web page has an impressive and engaging design.

The latest emphasis of scrolling design is deliberate, draws the attention of the users where it matters and successfully engages the users.

Dynamic scrolling is the new thing, and we will witness this trend to catch up in 2019. Practically, dynamic scrolling comprises of designing a website in such a manner that it somehow makes it evident for the users that there is more to see below the edge of the screen.

In 2019, we firmly believe that the designers are going to move the viewers with their designs with a startling and dimensional scrolling design.

Trend #8 – Minimalism

One of the quintessential trends of web design is minimalism. It is the first choice of the designers across the world and it represents the principle of “less is more”. With more elements, the design will look complicated for the users.

With modern life becoming more and more frantic, users have inadequate time to process information making redundancy a no-no. With a good design, the user can digest the information quickly and easily. This is achieved by having fewer elements.

The use of white design, clear typography and contrast are the key elements of a well-designed website. Such websites make navigation easier and offer precise information for the users, therefore boosting the overall experience of the users.

Trend #9 – Abstract Shapes

In 2019, the trend of using abstract shapes is also fast catching up. Such shapes hold more meaning than geometric or organic shapes. An increasing number of brands have started using varied shapes such as pentagons, triangles, etc., that tend to add the element of intrigue for the users. Using shapes to have an optical illusion will also make the users stay on the website longer.

Trend #10 – Bold Typography


The layout of the web page bears the same significance as the content displayed on the interface. As per a survey, 95% of the information displayed on a web page is text.

Bold and audacious typography tend to have an everlasting impact on the users. Strategic selection of fonts effectively transmits the emotions you need and build an impact visual hierarchy. In 2019, more and more businesses are going to use their exclusive fonts to enhance their brand recognition and standing.

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