🥇 55 Best SEO Tools in Kenya 2019 [Absolutely Free]

Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use in Kenya

Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use in Kenya 2019

Paid tools are extensively and easily available in SEO when you are looking for increased limits, advanced & latest features, online support, or stored data.

However, for 70% of other tasks, a free tool often comes handy and help accomplish the task. There is a plethora of SEO tools out there, but we chose the best and the most useful ones.

We have compiled the list of Best SEO Tools in Kenya on three basis – it should be completely free, should be extensively used in the SEO community, and offers legitimate value & actionable data.

While searching for best seo tools in Kenya, You must have come across many posts with titles such as Best SEO tools of 2019, The Ultimate List of The Best SEO Tools 2019, AMAZING Free SEO Tools The Complete List, Top 10 Best SEO Tools You Must Try, Best SEO Tools to Help You Rank Higher in Google & many more. But in this article we have tried to handpick selected advanced SEO tools which are free of cost and are actively used by SEO experts in Kenya to get their sites ranked in google and increase domain authority.

Before reading our gigantic article i would prefer you go through our SEO Glossary of terms, so that you can understand the importance of each tool and their capabilities in technical terms. These tools will help you optimise your website in Kenya and avoid any technical SEO mistakes.

So, without any further ado, here is the list of best free SEO tools a SEO will ever need to do Advanced SEO in Kenya. These are the top search engine optimization (SEO) tools for keyword research, position monitoring, web crawling, and more to help businesses gather SEO data, rank higher, and execute effective digital & local marketing strategies in Kenya.

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Best SEO Tools to Help You Rank Higher in Google Ubersuggest  – SEO Keyword Tool

Using this free SEO tool, you can find hundreds of long tail keywords and that too in a couple of minutes. You also get assistance in finding new content ideas, gaining insight about your competitors, and getting keyword suggestions for your content. This tool is a must-have in your marketing arsenal.

Salient Features –

    Completely free.

    Content optimization.

    Competition analysis.

    Keyword analysis.

    Keyword suggestions.


Most Recommended SEO ToolsData Studio  – SEO Software

Using Data Studio, you can combine with your data analysis, share insights, and create compelling visualizations.

Salient Features –

Seamless amalgamation between data, reporting, and analysis supporting easy workflow.

It offers fully customized design and style controls.

Rich library of visualizations helps you to bring out the real story behind the data.

The tool has a visual editor that helps you create reports and dashboards.

Templates are reusable, enabling you to make quick and professional reports.


best seo tools for wordpressEnhanced Google Analytics Annotations

It is an ideal tool for all SEO professionals who are working on global businesses. Being a Google extension, this tool comprises of the following functionalities –

    You have the convenience of seeing holidays of your target audience, as a note, in your Google Analytics Report.

    You also get to see Google Algorithm updates, as a note, in your Google Analytics Report.

Salient Features –

  •     Helps to increase problem-solving speed.
  •     Share important business knowledge.
  •     Easily comprehensible data.
  •     One click installation.
  •     Less manual work.
  •     Better context.


best seo checker toolsBing Webmaster Tools – For SEO’s

While Google webmaster tools are extensively used across the world, people tend to forget that Bing website has a holistic suite of search and website analytics. Keyword research, crawling data, and keyword reports are useful ones.

Salient Features –

    The Markup Validator.

    Bing Keyword Research Tool.






best seo softwares 2019Search Console – By Google

The list of free SEO tools will be incomplete without including Google’s Search Console. One thing that stands out is its rich array of features, and this is what differentiates it from other tools on the market. For instance – using Google Search Console as a rank tracker, checking your website’s ranking in the search engine result pages will be as easy as falling off a log.

One of the features of Google Search Console is Index Coverage Report. As per this feature, you will be made familiar with the list of pages that are not getting indexed. Once you are familiar with the pages, you can take the necessary steps accordingly.

Salient Features –

    Sitemaps & Robots.txt Tester.

    Crawl errors.

    Search analytics.

    Fetch as Google.

    HTML improvements.


best seo keyword research tools softwares 2019Keyword Hero – SEO Keyword Tool

You are putting your best efforts to rank your 95% of organic keywords in Google, and this is exactly what Keyword Hero helps you to achieve. You can also initiate improvements in your content accordingly and also create extra content for all the newly discovered keywords through Keyword Hero.

Salient Features –

    Keyword and traffic analysis.

    Uncover 95% of the website’s organic keywords.

    Instant integration with your Google Analytics.

    Help keep a track on keywords that are converting.

    Site structure and content optimization.

    Boost organic ROI.


best seo keyword research tools  Google Analytics – SEO Software/Keyword Tool

This is one of the important tools for SEO. Using this tool, you get to know whether your SEO efforts are paying off or not. With the help of Google Analytics, you make yourself acquainted with the organic traffic, page speed, traffic sources, bounce rate, time on site, etc.

Salient Features –

    Email based sharing and communication.

    Conversion tracking.

    Third party referrals.

    Custom reports.

    Traffic reporting.

    Custom Dashboards.

    Keyword referrals.

    Easy dashboard access.

    Integration with webmaster tools.


best seo research tools  Beam Us Up- SEO Software Tool

If you are looking for a free desktop crawler, then you can’t go wrong with Beam Us Up. It is not as feature rich as Screaming Frog, but you will be offered 100% free crawling. It is only for Windows.

Salient Features –

    Discovering errors is quite easy with Beam Us Up.

    Saves your time and effort.

    Help sort out duplicate website pages.

    Crawl more as compared to other crawlers for free.


best seo tools  Link Redirect Trace- SEO Tool

It is a popular free Chrome extension. It is commonly addressed as all-in-one redirect path analyzer. It carries out advanced, holistic, and correct analysis of REL-canonicals, redirects, and links. This free extension can prove handy for SEO analysis, both for On Page & Off Page SEO, and even for competitor analysis as well.

Salient Features –

    Save Screenshot comes handy.

    Canonicals are displayed in the tooltip and app icon; this assists in efficient diagnosis.

    Support for the new Shortlink feature.

    Spotting On-Page issues is simple.

    Using the extension, you can check your competitor’s links.


best seo MozCast – SEO Tool

Using MozCast, tracking the daily changes in the Google algorithm has become more comfortable. You get to make yourself acquainted with numerous statistics to know how they are influencing your website.

Salient Features –

    The tool shows SERPs changes as the weather report.

    You become familiar with different statistics and make out how they are influencing your website.


🛠️ Redirect Path

With the help of this extension, you visually see every single redirect, and you can have a look at the header details and redirect paths for all URLs you visit. This extension comes handy in case of quick lookups.

Salient Features –

    This tool instantly shows the HTTP header of a URL.

    You can have header information and redirect paths for all the URLs visited.


🛠️ SEOlyzer – Best SEO Software

It is an SEO analyzer script along with a myriad of features such as word phrases analysis, keyword density analysis, Google PageRank checking and many more.

Salient Features –

    Displaying response information.

    Analysis of keyword density from webpage content.

    Google PageRank checking.

    Tabbed interface.

    Easy installation and configuration.

    Displaying title and meta tag details.

    Displaying links on the page.


🛠️ Xenu – Popular SEO Software

Having broken links on a website hampers its position, in a negative sense, on the SERPs. This is a window-based desktop crawler that helps you find broken links in your website.

Salient Features –

    Automatically connects to the website and start its crawling process.

    Clear interface.

    Easy to use.

    Detects and fixes broken links.

    Support for SSL websites.

    Once the tool has crawled the links on the website, it produces a report.

    Detects redirected URLs.


🛠️ Screaming Frog – SEO Software

Being a website crawler, this SEO tool lets you crawl the URLs of the websites and obtain important factors to evaluate and audit onsite and technical SEO. It also collects important onsite data; this allows SEOs to make informed decisions.

Salient Features –

    Discover duplicate content.

    Apt for small website audits and projects.

    Discover and identify broken links.

    Find out duplicate content.

    Analyze Page Titles and Meta Data.

    Audit Meta Robots & Directives.


🛠️ CORA: Advanced SEO Tools

If you’re looking for a more advanced SEO tool, you might want to check out CORA. If you’re looking for an advanced SEO site audit, they don’t come cheap but they’re about as comprehensive as they get. If you’re a medium to large sized business, this is likely the type of SEO tool you’ll be using to better understand areas of weakness and opportunity for your website.

🛠️ Keyword Explorer – SEO Keyword Tool

It is by far the most effective keyword research tool that helps you find out the keywords people are searching, demand for particular searches, the strength of other websites competing for your target keywords, and what keywords you are already ranking for.

Salient Features –

    Import and export functionality.

    Comes with unique and modifiable metrics.

    Precise data.

    SERP overview.

    Keyword suggestions.

    Complete keyword research process.


🛠️ Keyword Shitter – Advanced SEO Keyword Tool

If you are looking for a tool to generate long tail keywords, then you should go for Keyword Shitter. The tool is rather simple and does not require any download or sign up. When it comes to retrieved results, this is probably one of the best tools out there.

Salient Features –

    Easy access to long-tail keywords.

    Free tool.

    With its bulk option, unlimited keywords can be easily analyzed.

    Offers incredible amount of suggestions.

    Comes with a filter option.


🛠️ Keywords Everywhere – Free SEO Keyword Tool

With Keywords Everywhere tool, you are shown useful google keyword competition, keyword search volume along with cost per click data on numerous websites. You no longer have to log in anywhere else to acquire this data. Using this tool, the maximum number of keywords you can upload is ten thousand.

Salient Features –

It saves your valuable time.

It offers additional keyword suggestions.

The tool is available on multiple platforms.

Provision to star your favorite keywords for later.

Comes with customized settings.


🛠️ Answer The Public – Free SEO Keyword Tool

This particular tool may prove beneficial for the content marketers in generating topic and different content ideas. If you are looking to generate a long list of questions from a keyword set, Answer The Public is what you need.

Salient Features –

    The tool help find questions that the users ask in forums, blogs, and on social media.

    Holistic comprehension of your audience’s questions.

    Target your keyword research to match the questions of the users.

    Based on user’s questions, identify and optimize for long-tail keywords.

    Determine and answer questions through which you can appear on Google feature snippets.


🛠️ Disavow Tool – Free SEO Tool

Being an important webmaster tool, it allows you to inform Google to halt particular incoming links to your website. It is, indeed, a simple and effective way of averting actions of some malicious websites from negatively influencing your website rankings.

Salient Features –

Free tool.

Quick and easy tool.

Get rid of harmful links to improve rankings.


🛠️ Link Explorer – Free SEO Tool

Being one of the best and accurate link tools, it lets you check both the domain authority and backlink profile of a website. Using this tool, you can also frame a solid and effective strategy, keep a check on your progress, and discover valuable prospects.

Salient Features –

Help build an effective strategy.

Help find valuable prospects.

Track your progress.

Analyze anchor text.

Check the spam score of backlinks.


🛠️ LinkMiner – Free SEO Backlinks Tool

This tool checks the broken links. Using this tool, you can have in-depth knowledge about the links you are checking and make informed decisions accordingly. The tool also proves helpful in knowing total or external links on a page.

Salient Features –

Options for advanced backlinks evaluation.

Live preview of backlinks.

Save backlinks to the favorite list.

Find powerful links.

Evaluate the strength of the link.


🛠️ Google My Business – Free Local SEO

This is a must-have tool for local SEO. It becomes more important if you live in a market which is served by Google. With the help of this tool, you can easily create and update your business profile. This helps you to emerge and bring customers in.

Salient Features –

Cost effective.

Stand out from competitors.

Boost engagement.

Earn trust from customers.

Star ratings increase your appeal.

Show Up in Google Maps Searches.

Rank higher in results.

Boost both traffic and sales.


🛠️ Google Review Link Generator – Free SEO Tool

Now, with Google Review Link Generator, collecting reviews has become easier than ever. This tool creates a short link for you to copy and share it with your customers.

Salient Features –

Completely free.

Offer your customers a URL to leave a Google review for your business.


🛠️ Local Search Results Checker – Free local SEO Tool

Assessing rankings from any location is one of the trickiest things to do in local SEO in Kenya. But, BrightLocal has offered a solution in the form of a local ranking tool that can take you to any location of your choice to check actual local rankings.

Salient Features –

Completely free.

Apt tool for local search.


🛠️ Moz Local Check Business Listing – Free local SEO

Using Moz Local, you can have a better idea of how your business shows up across the web in the leading data aggregators that Google and various others use to rank local social results. With the help of this tool, you will have a better idea of your weaknesses and strengths.

Salient Features –

Completely free.

An apt tool to check the online presence of your business.


🛠️ Mobile First Index Checker

Often the difference between the mobile version of websites and their desktop version is huge. Since Google has adopted mobile-first indexing, it is imperative that the key factors such as data, link and structure are alike on both versions. You can use various tools to check this, but experts suggest using Zeo.

Salient Features –

Using this tool, you can make out whether you are all set for mobile-first indexing.

Completely free.


🛠️ Mobile SERP Test

The way mobile search results vary as per the location and device is just amazing. Using Mobile SERP you can easily compare devices simultaneously for any location or even particular addresses as well.

Salient Features –

Page variations can be seen by location.

The device can see the search term results.

Search results can be seen in particular locations.


🛠️ Mobile-Friendly Test

Using this tool, you can check whether your page meets page requirements set by Google. If your page passes the test, then it is certified that it is mobile-friendly. This certainly helps in ranking better. In case it does not pass the test, it will suggest the areas where improvements are required.

Salient Features –

It helps in making out whether your page is mobile friendly or not.

Easy to use.

It identifies usability errors such as – text not readable, viewport not set, content is wider than the screen, and the distance between the clickable elements is not apt.


🛠️Chrome DevTools – Free SEO  Tools

Today, the number of SEO tasks you can perform with Chrome DevTools, for free, is simply amazing. You can carry out various tasks such as – JavaScript auditing, on-page SEO, and much more. Some of the best features are hidden, but they are worthwhile.

Salient Features –

Use the tool to measure page speed performance.

You can test content changes.

Testing your responsive design is quite easy.

Using the tool, you can review your SEO tags and markup.


🛠️ Marketing Miner – Free SEO Software

If your regular task comprises of a significant part of SERP data, tool reports, competitive analysis, and rankings, then this tool is capable of doing it for you and the best part is that it loads it all in a convenient report. The free version of the tool helps you to carry out a variety of tasks.

Salient Features –

Create one-time analyzes.

Monitors how the site evolves in time.

Evaluate data in a single click.

Ideal tool for freelancers, website and e-shop owners, and agencies.


🛠️ MozBar – Advanced SEO Software

Without a doubt, this is one of the original toolbars, and over the years it has undergone significant upgrades as well. Whether you are using Firefox or Chrome, you will be provided important metrics about a website along with its link profile for SEO. The data you can expect from this tool includes – link profile of a webpage and domain like a number of backlinks and domain authority, alt text, the title tag of the webpage, meta robots, etc.

Salient Features –

An important tool for SEO.

The tool is helpful in link profile analysis.

Also assists in carrying out competitor research.

The tool can be used for SERP analysis.

Social activity.


🛠️ SEMrush  – Best Advanced SEO Software

If you are looking for one of the most versatile PPC and SEO tools, then this is it. To make the most of this tool, it is important that you know this tool in and out.

Salient Features –

Effective Keyword Research.

Comparative Competitive Intelligence.

Helps you brainstorm for new keywords.

Helps you track your past and present rankings.

Evaluate your competitor competition.

Find rewarding advertising opportunities.

Perform backlink analysis.


🛠️ SEO Minion – Best Onpage SEO Software

It is all in one SEO browser add-on and using this tool, and you can have keyword ideas from the search. This free SEO tool helps you in On-page SEO, SERP Preview, Hreflang Checks, Checking Broken Link, and more. This is a must-have tool.

Salient Features –

SERP preview.

Analyze On-page SEO.

Google Search Location Simulator.

Highlight all links.

Check Broken Links.


🛠️ SEOquake – Best Onpage SEO Software

This browser plugin is easy to use, and it offers you a myriad of helpful SEO metrics for every single page on the internet. You can enjoy quick access; all you need to embed this plugin in the search engine results. When you have installed the plugin, it will display towards the top right side of the screen. The color of the plugin will help you decide whether it is active or not.

Salient Features –


SEO Dashboard.

SERP overlay.

Extensive data.

Keyword analysis.

Print and export.


🛠️ Sheets for Marketers

As a marketer, this tool, containing over 100 free templates and numerous resources, will help you learn how to automate your work in Google Sheets. You have free access to free sheets for everything comprising of keyword research, competitive analysis, scraping, site audits, and more.

Salient Features –

Easy automation of work in Google Sheets.

Free sheets are available for keyword research, scraping, competitive analysis, site audits, and more.


🛠️ Natural Language API Demo

The tool comes with heaps of advanced analysis, making it one of the sought-after tools for SEO. If you have the free version of this tool, you will be able to analyze the content of a single page and enables you to see how the search engine perceives syntax, entities, categorization, and sentiment analysis.

Salient Features –

Insights from customers.

Multimedia and multilingual support.

Extract key document entities.

Receipt and invoice understanding.

Content classification relationship graphs.


🛠️ Rich Results Test

There are numerous uses for a web page, and there are even more methods of coding and structuring it. All this can create issues for the bots that are responsible for crawling and indexing the websites.

Rich engines are designed in a manner that highlights the main information and also assists search engines to have a precise comprehension of the page’s intention. All this eventually mean minimum conjecture for Google and rewarding results for the users.

Salient Features –

Makes diagnosing structured data of the page easier.

Tests all data sources on the page like – Microdata, JSON-LD, or RDF-a.

Precise reflection of the page’s appearance on the search


🛠️ Structured Data Testing Tool

The tool will not only empower you to troubleshoot your structured data, but you can also perform competitive analysis on the structured data of your competitor. You also have the option of editing the code within the tool, and this will help you to troubleshoot and arrive at a valid code.

Salient Features –

The extension does testing structured data on a webpage.

Testing, Schema, RDFa, microdata, and JSON-LD is possible.

With this tool, you can easily have a look at the data within the Google structured data testing tool.

Exporting data to the clipboard is easy.


🛠️ Tag Manager

Marketers, around the globe, are always on a lookout for effective tag management, and that is what Tag Manager delivers. This effective SEO tool is simple, reliable, and above all, offers easy integration with the existing systems.

Salient Features –

Easy to use.

Reduces reliance of web developers.

Beneficial for most businesses.

Useful for mobile apps and AMP websites.

Event tracking.

Pixels are collated.


🛠️ View Rendered Source

This is one of the famous JavaScript auditing tools. Using this tool, viewing fully rendered DOM of any URL and compare it to the original HTML is a piece of cake. This tool simplifies JavaScript auditing and troubleshooting.

Salient Features –

A useful tool for web developers.

Assists in carrying out JavaScript frameworks such as – Vue.js, Angular, and ReactJS.

Beneficial for SEOs to make out how the search engine see their pages.


🛠️ BuzzSumo  – Best social SEO tool

Using BuzzSumo, you can find out popular content by topic or any website. This tool is also useful in collecting information about what topics are gaining more attention, details about people who are gaining more public attention and social media shares on their posts, and competitors’ analysis.

Salient Features –

Competitor analysis.

Keyword alerts.

Content insights.

Influencer details.


🛠️ Hunter  – Best social SEO tool

It is one of the cherished email search and free email finder tools. Using the tool, you can easily find the email address of any company or individual. In addition, you are also able to verify the email address you are already having. You can receive 50 free searches/month.

Salient Features –

Fifty free searches/month.

Easy to use the email search tool.

Popular and free email finder.

Verify the email you are already having.


🛠️ SimilarWeb – Social tool

This tool is important for businesses that empower them to make lucrative decisions. With the help of the tool, you get to know more about the website’s ranking, reach, and the status of the user engagement.

Salient Features –

Reporting and Dashboards.

Competitive Comparisons.

Keyword Analysis.

Website Analytics Integration.

Social Analytics.

Local Marketing.


🛠️ Wappalyzer

Being a cross-platform utility, this tool identifies the technologies used on websites. It also detects e-commerce platforms, server software, content management systems, analytical tools, web frameworks, and more. The best thing about the tool is that it can be used as a self-contained application or comprised as a module in a large application.

Salient Features –

Easy detection of analytical tools, web frameworks, e-commerce platforms, content management systems, etc.

Easy to use.

The tool can be used a stand-alone application.


🛠️ Wayback Machine

It is a service through which you are able to view archived versions of websites. This tool is responsible for the collection of as much content as possible from the web that might otherwise gets lost when the website changes or shut down.

Salient Features –

Interactive features, such as Flash platforms.

Enter the url of the website, and you can have the archive history of that website.

You also have the provision of browsing by keyword.


🛠️ Cloudflare

Cloudflare can be introduced as a company that is building a better internet. It is a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) that can help speed up your website, also allows for easy DNS management, and offer complete DDoS protection.

Salient Features –

Improves website performance.

It runs one of the world’s safest managed DNS service.

Setting up is easy.


Image Optimization.

Browser caching.

Optimized Network Routing.


  GTmetrix – SEO site speed check tool

This tool can help optimize the speed and performance of a website. You can opt for free and paid plans. You will be provided reports such as – waterfalls, PageSpeed, YSlow, compare data with other reports, supports location-based testing, and offers a detailed analysis report.

Salient Features –

Performance report.

Waterfall chart.

Compare reports.

Report history.


SpeedMonitor.io- SEO site speed check tool

With the help of SpeedMonitor, tracking both speed and performance data of your website will be easy. In addition, you will also be able to track the changes as the tool keeps a historical log. You will be notified, through an email, every time the page speed score comes down.

Salient Features –

On-Demand Audits.

Check site speed against competitors.

Track the speed of your page over time.

When the site speed drop, you will be notified.


🛠️ Lighthouse – SEO site speed check tool

It is one of the most sought-after website review and audit tools. It is also the most advanced tool when it comes to analyzing the performance of PWAs and mobile pages. It is a must-have if you are looking for a tool to evaluate your page performance.

Salient Features –

Free tool.

Tracks your website’s loading speed.

Beneficial for bloggers.

Using this tool, you get to know the webpage score, performance, and SEO score of your website in Kenya.


🛠️ Page Speed Insights – SEO site speed check tool

Using this tool, you will be able to make the decisions that will make significant improvements in the performance of your website. This tool makes recommendations based on the latest practices of industry for both mobile and web performance.

Salient Features –

Easy to use.

Generate mobile and desktop reports.

Analyze the content on the page and make suggestions to make the page faster.

Make significant improvements in the user experience.

Completely Free.


🛠️ Rank Math – New SEO tool plugin

This is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin and prove beneficial for doing SEO. The tool is fully functional and comes loaded with some of the best & latest features, such as built-in redirection. This tool is worth the time and effort.

Salient Features –

Offers tailor-made recommendations to optimize your posts.

Setting up Rich Snippets and Open Graph for your posts is easily accomplished.

Internal links for your posts is created automatically.

A holistic SEO audit of the website can be done easily.

Get ranking data inside WordPress.

Spotting SEO faults and fixing them easily.


🛠️ WebpageTest

You can measure webpage performance using this tool. With the help of this tool, you can run web performance tests on your website while sitting in any part of the world using a variety of browsers.

Salient Features –

Detailed results of the speed tests.

Provision of selecting the browser for testing.

Provision of testing a website from any location.

Speed Index Measurement.

Completely free.


🛠️ Yoast SEO – Advanced SEO Tool/plugin

If you are looking for the best tool that meets the highest standards of SEO, then go for Yoast SEO. The tool will take your content to the highest standards of SEO and significantly improves overall readability. We use this tool at dimehub too.

Salient Features –

  •     Snipped editor.
  •     Social integration.
  •     XML sitemap.
  •     Search console/sitemaps.


🛠️ Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

This tool is capable of processing, analyzing, and processing millions of lines of log file event data in a database. It is an important tool that assists in gathering important key log file data that further helps SEOs to make informed decisions.

Salient Features –

Identify crawled URLs.

Discover crawl frequency.

Locate broken links and errors.

Audit redirects.

Improve crawl budget.

Identify large and slow pages.


🛠️ Keyword Planner – Top Evergreen SEO keyword tool

If you are looking to have the best keyword ideas along with traffic approximation, you can rely on Keyword Planner to help you build a better Search Network Campaign. The tool will tell you how many times the people have searched a particular keyword and how competitive is the keyword.

Salient Features –

Research keywords.

Get historical statistics and traffic forecasts.

You get to search for the keyword and ad groups ideas based on the terms that define your product or service.



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