Insurance Marketing

Insurance Marketing

When it comes to Insurance Marketing, very few people know that ‘INSURANCE’ is the most sought after keyword search on the internet and if appropriately optimized can help your website achieve high ranking on the search engines.

An insurance firm may design its website very beautiful but it is of no use if the visitors won’t be able to find it online. This is because your website isn’t optimized for search engines. The web traffic you get from SEO comes from searches by interested prospects.

These prospects use relevant keywords to find your agency’s website. This means they are more likely to be serious about buying insurance products.

  • Array Insurance SEO

    As per Google, 76% of interested prospects search for a related business online out of which 28% result in a purchase and that is actually termed as converted leads. Being an insurance firm, you first have to improve your online presence. Only if your clients can realize your presence on the internet, you can drive the audience on your website fast. This is where Insurance SEO can help as a part of your marketing strategy.
    You can drastically increase the quantity of relevant traffic to your website with the help of organic search results. In Dimehub, we optimize search engine results for insurance related keywords to help you rank higher on Google and thus, boost website traffic. This will potentially generate a higher number of leads.

  • Array Creative Design for Your Website:

    Your website is the very first connection between you and your insurance clients. If they can’t connect with the content available on your landing webpage, they’ll move onto another insurance provider. So, you will need a website that is fast, Secure & Mobile-friendly.

  • Array Social Media Activity:

    Social media is the next important factor that will increase traffic to your website. Maintaining an active presence on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc. and utilizing paid advertisements will help you track everything. Social listening enables brands to generate consumer insights useful for gaining an understanding of what kind of content is most appreciated by the target audience.

  • Array Pay Per Click Advertisement:

    To get most of the high-commercial search results, you have to make sure the entire top half of the search results page is taken up by ads. For this, you need to launch PPC ad campaigns. Now if you want to run pay per click ads, team up with a company who really knows what they’re doing.
    Stop wasting your time on ineffective marketing strategies and retain your potential visitors by using our Insurance based Marketing strategy.

  • Array What We Do?

    “The key is to be where customers are.” We follow this strategy while targeting millennials. Our first and foremost priority is digitizing marketing strategies and simplifying customer experience.
    Today, a prospective buyer wants an instant, easy and, seamless shopping experiences. As an insurance selling company, you may be a responsible businessman. So, learning SEO won’t be your cup of tea in between a tight schedule. This is why you’ll need marketing experts who can improve your website’s visibility on the Internet.

    All you need is a reliable marketing ethic who is as honest as you believe you’re with your own customers. A skilled and responsible marketing professional who can help you improve your website traffic significantly by using the right tactics for conversion and lead generation.

    Ready to start seeing more high-quality traffic on your insurance site? Contact us today for free consultation.

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