Free Site Analysis

Free Site Analysis

Free site analysis- Is your website optimized for SEO? We at Dimehub offer you a free website analysis! This will bring to your attention your current website status and identify areas that need fixing. With SEO audit you can start growing your online traffic immediately and start your digital journey towards increased revenue. As the best marketing partner in Kenya, our team of experts understands how to improve your online presence.

  • Are you interested in how you stack up against your competition?

    Have you ever wondered that why your competitor’s website is possesses a higher rank than yours on Google? At Dimehub, we do more than just a website analysis! With free website audit report you’ll have a clear view of how exactly your website is performing compared to others. We look at your website holistically ; keyword usage, site responsiveness, page links, usefulness, social media, and more to provide you a general website report, This report has a list of recommendations that we will perform to optimize your website.

  • We at Dimehub offers you free SEO audit on the basis of 50+ ranking factors

    We at Dimehub offer free SEO audits on the basis of 50+ ranking factors- Organic search engine optimization is a specialized task that calls for a highly experienced resource. We have the expertise and with us, will you achieve the best results!
    We offer:
    -Content creation services
    -Content development services
    -On-Site and Off-Site page optimization
    -Marketing Strategy
    -Keyword Research

    We strive to maximize your digital ROI by delivering results beyond your expectations. We boast of a dedicated team of SEO specialists, copywriters, web designers, web developers and campaign managers all working towards getting your brand message to attract qualified sales leads and an increase revenue in the long run.

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