How we increased organic traffic from 0 to 10k in 6 months

Project Brief: What is NEXT Insurance

NEXT Car Insurance is a cherished and holistic car insurance company sold and developed by InsureAfrika. The company has attained this position with years of experience and scientific research of the car owners in Kenya.

The sole purpose of this research was to have a better understanding of the car buying behavior in Kenya and what elements influence their buying decision.

NEXT Car Insurance offer the following services –

– Car Insurance Coverage

–  Tailored Car Insurance Premium

–  Swift Buying Process

–  100% Claim Support

– Prompt Customer Service

How we increased organic traffic from 0 to 10k in 6 months


We are responsible for building brand management from scratch.

Our dedicated endeavors have helped in directing traffic from branded keywords.  In order to achieve our goals, we used advanced SEO techniques –


In SEO we did,

-Technical On page SEO (Implemented SILO structure & optimized website architecture.

-In-depth Keyword Research

-Content Curation & promotion – Infographic Submissions·

-Keyword Targeted Blog Posting – Published   Long Form Content

-Created High-Quality Relevant Backlinks

Blog Posting –

We have a team of experienced and well-versed Content Writers. They give their best in writing a detailed, engaging, and informative blog posts. We used to publish 4-5 articles on a weekly basis.

In order to keep these blog posts informative, we use related images & graphics to make the content catchier and more readable. The word count of these blog posts usually varies from 1,500 to 2,500 words.

Social Media –

We use all Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, G+, etc. Our persistent efforts resulted in increased Facebook Likes, Views, Website Clicks, and Share.

Talking specifically of YouTube, we created informative videos. Videos created by us have thousands of views and shares, all this really play a part in building brand image in the competitive digital marketing niche.

Backlinks –

We have successfully created backlinks from some of the best and authoritative websites.

While creating backlinks, we use effective ways of generating quality backlinks such as – fixing broken links & re-using them, making press releases, and using resource links.

Four strategies we used to quickly build links:

Reverse engineered competitor link profiles

Identified competitor link gaps

Pitched weekly roundups

Pitched resources/links pages

We built a brand from scratch –

We understand that the brand is not built overnight. Building a brand requires persistent endeavors and that is what we are always up to until the brand meets the goal.

Defining the brand –

We gain holistic comprehension of the business and its offerings. Analyze the market where the company functions and also study the needs & concerns of the customers.

We ensure that with the brand, business promotion can be done easily, also connect with the potential buyers, and make you stand out in the competition.

Consider the driving force of the business –

We completely understand the purpose and who are its brand heroes.

Considering all this, we assist in establishing brand positioning and inform the character for brand communications.

Create Brand Logo and Tagline –

Whenever you think of a brand, it needs to be visually strong. This is what we concentrate on. We have engaged in building catchy and easy to remember logos.

The tagline goes hand in hand with the logo. Our creative writers take care of creating eye-catching taglines that help in creating an impact.

Creating Brand Personality –

Usually, customers are always on a lookout for something different. We create a tailored experience to their needs & requirements backed by authentic personal interaction.

Increased direct traffic from branded searches –

We understand that the insurance sector is a dynamic funnel, where the companies need to address the varied demands of the customers. It pays to be abreast of all these changes.

We incorporated the following methods in increasing direct brand searches –

  • Email Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Created a performance driven website –

We gave our best shot in creating a website that communicates the brand image to the customers. We engaged in building an aesthetically pleasing website having key features such as simplicity and easy navigation.

Used chatbots for enhanced customer support service – With an increasing customer base and overloaded queries, it is imperative to resolve their issues promptly.

This is where we step in and offer timely solutions to the queries through AI-powered solutions such as chatbots.

Leverage Digital Advertising to acquire leads –

We ensure, using the best tools, to turn the insurance marketing strategy into a lead generation machine.

Using easy and advanced targeting options in digital advertising, we make it easier for companies to target their potential consumers online.

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