PPC Management Services Kenya

PPC Management Services Kenya

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertisement is among the fastest ways to increase website traffic and lead generation; you pay each time a visitor clicks on your advert. The right strategy and budget plan can give you immediate high visibility even for the most competitive and lucrative keywords. PPC Management needs to be implemented meticulously with a comprehensive strategic plan, and our experienced PPC managers deliver the best results in the market. From setting campaigns to Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and social media advertising, our team will manage everything for you. Our PPC management services continuously improve your campaign.

Boost your Google Adword Campaigns

With PPC campaign management, DimeHub will give you an opportunity to drive instant traffic to your website and generate a good number of leads reducing cost per click (CPL) for top ranks on search engines and increase online revenue. We pledge to help your business grow by delivering measurable, cost-effective and quick results with our various online advertising services in Kenya.

Our PPC Management Services in Kenya include:

  • Array Google AdWords

    Google AdWords is the most effective PPC advertising platform, and we effectively use this platform to generate the best outcomes for your campaigns. Additionally, we will create a report describing the success of campaigns into components like impressions, clicks, and conversions so that you can review the campaign's progress.

  • Array Bing Advertisement

    We work to create the most effective ads that could raise keyword performance, clicks, impressions, and conversions. Furthermore, we monitor your campaign’s performance closely throughout.

  • Array Facebook Ads

    Facebook is the most preferred platform for online marketing with 1 billion users, amongst which 934 million are daily active users. We ensure you that we will implement a comprehensive keyword search up front so that your ads will appear to the right audience.

  • Array PPC Audits

    At Dimehub, we offer PPC audit service as an aid to our clients who are simply looking for ways to improve their applications. Our experienced PPC managers will search through your account by taking historical PPC data and tell you precisely what account changes need to be made to improve your account’s performance.

  • Array PPC Remarketing Services

    Through our remarketing strategy, we target users who took specific actions on your website. You will pay to show specific ads to a targeted audience ripest for conversion.

    DimeHub offers comprehensive retargeting services, which incorporate all activities from creating the campaign to management services. Our team of PPC managers will ensure that you pay for the ads with the users that are most likely to convert.

    If you are looking for a PPC partner that would optimize your website ranking, lead generation and boost online revenue, get ready to start with DimeHub!

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