E-commerce & Retail Marketing Services

E-commerce & Retail Marketing Services

Every business that sells of product to consumers falls under this category. Whether a company deals in food products or sells grocery, unless it is a well-established brand, this can become a challenge. You may require new ways to grab the attention of busy shoppers with evolving behaviors. That’s why it is important to know how to target a specific segment of consumers and which retail marketing strategy should be implemented to achieve this.

If you’re running an agency with millions of consumer products in Kenya, you may need to do a lot of research to understand the behavior and interest of consumers better.

Find a new buyer is a challenge as retailers are struggling to increase their market audience. E-commerce marketing involves several marketing strategies to work upon this. Here are e-commerce marketing services, Dimehub offers:

  • Array Responsive Web Design

    In this internet-driven marketplace, an online presence is what a business needs to be successful. So when a potential buyer looks for any product, it’s comfortable and convenient to find on the web. Our web development professionals together develop a website that can creatively promote the brand. Your eCommerce website needs a lot of design work. You want images for your emails, blogs, products, banners, social marketing, and so much more. Let our designers work for you.

  • Array E-commerce SEO

    The success of an e-commerce site can be determined only how effectively it’s been established on the internet. We strategize the marketing plan as per modern e-Commerce SEO strategy. Our team of SEO experts will analyze your business closely and create a plan the strategy to meet the standards of Google.

    Our e-Commerce SEO web analysis is a comprehensive review of your website that helps us to track and monitor your website so that we come up with an effective SEO strategy.

    At DimeHub, we optimize your website by adding fresh content to the site that supports SEO benefits. We discover most profitable keywords specific to your business niche and bring out more sales.

  • Array Ecommerce PPC Campaigns

    From email marketing to pay-per-click campaigning, we offer effective digital marketing services to boost your online business and convert your website visitors into potential consumers, efficiently and affordable.

    We design promotion campaigns to keep potential customers coming to your online business thereby increasing your sales and ranking too.

    We design newsletters for email marketing (targeted campaigns to reach consumers in their inboxes).

    We launch ad campaigns infographics, flyers banners etc for social media channels.

    We grow your email list with customized popup feature and thank you pages. Through referral marketing technique, we boost your email list.

    We don’t believe in a long-term marketing strategy. Since these technologies are evolving exponentially, we need to adapt them quickly. A constant marketing plan will keep us behind the times which is not our way to digitize our client’s business.

    So, if you’re looking for a digital partner that will help you acquire new customers and boost sales in your business, we’d love to hear from you!

    If you need help reaching your buyers? Then we have the solution. Work with us to grow your reach, build awareness, and increase leads. We know E-commerce & Retail and we know digital marketing. If you’re ready to get started then Contact us for a free consultation to know more about our E-commerce & Retail marketing services today.

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