Increased Lead Conversion With Lower CPC (Cost per click)

Project: Toyotsu Automart Limited Kenya

A leading and cherished name in the pre-owned vehicle industry. The parent company (Toyota) has gained immense admiration through creating and instilling standards.

Their experienced and trained staff inspects every single vehicle. As per the condition of the cars, the company offers fair prices. Toyotsu also takes care of the after-sales support with a cost-effective price.


Reduced Traffic Cost

Since the start of the campaign, we have optimized our campaigns to drive traffic to the website at a much higher interaction rate and a much lower Cost.

In Sept 2018 our Cost per Click was $0.26 while in Dec 2018, we have a Cost per Click of $0.10.

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Increased Interaction Rate

By offering relevant content to the users, we have also increased the interaction rate of the users, thereby resulting in users spending more time and take more actions on the website.

The CTR has increased from 0.27% in Sept 2018 to 0.86% in Dec 2018

Increased Lead Conversion Rate

Not only we increased the interaction rate, we also increased the lead conversion rate by 143% through constant optimization of the user flow on the website.

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Created engagement on social media – Brand Building

Mainly the traffic was generated across two leading platforms – Google and Facebook.

Google – We were able to generate 827 clicks to the website at the rate of $0.29 per click having a total spent of $236.68 in the month of December 2018.

Facebook – We were able to generate 11,616 clicks to the website at the rate of $0.0 9 per click having a total spent of $999.91 in the month of December 2018.

We Helped Scale Lead Conversion Rate

We carry on to significantly improve Lead Conversion rates, at the same time boosting the traffic as well.

In the month of December 2018, the funnel conversion rate was 0.73% of all traffic and it successfully generated 142 leads from various websites.

Content Development

We have made specific blog posts. Around 12000 words have been written in these blog posts.

Social Media Analysis

We have published more than 35 posts on Facebook, this increased exposure to the Facebook page along with enhanced user engagement. Facebook Likes have also increased by 9%.

In addition, there is a significant increase in Facebook views from 100 views to 200 views a day. Facebook Clicks also witnessed a significant increase.

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