Real Estate Digital Marketing Services

Real Estate Digital Marketing Services

The Real Estate is one of the most lucrative business in Kenya. All the credit goes to the growing middle class and increasing foreign investments in Kenya. Whether you’re a builder or a construction based company, leveraging your real estate business with the power of the internet is critical for a successful construction marketing campaign.

It includes developing a robust web presence through the use of social media, real estate SEO, and a well-designed real estate website.

Our real estate marketing services:

  • Array Real Estate SEO Services:

    We are an emerging marketing services provider in Kenya. With the help of our advanced digital marketing services, we help you grow exponentially. To achieve this, we customize our services according to your business needs.

    Real Estate SEO is one of such customized marketing plan that lets you optimize your site for high search engine ranking. In short, if your real estate website is optimized as per keywords and search queries people are performing, then your real estate company can land major rankings.

    When you work with us, we prepare a comprehensive SEO plan that includes content optimization, conversion optimization as well as search engine optimization.

  • Array Real Estate Display Advertisement:

    With real estate, you can use location, demographics and property interests to target your prospective buyers in order to best fit with their property needs. We discover your potential website visitors and their behavior based on which pay per click ads campaign are launched on different social media networks. All this is taken care of by our marketing professional who can help you bring in huge number of leads.

  • Array Real Estate Website Development:

    There is a phrase which says, “A desirous mind is a buying mindset” which simply means a person with a desired mind for buying something is easy to turn into a buying mind. So how can you create such a website?

    All you need is creative, responsive and powerful real estate web design with high usability, that caters to the needs of the most demanding visitors.

    We have a team of experienced web development experts to create professional property website up and running within several days. We also design a customized home evaluation landing page for your realty website which you can target through ad campaigns and social media posts so that you’ll still get a partial lead if they only check an address.

  • Array Real Estate Social Integration:

    To create a real estate website,isn’t enough for attracting visitors. You have to engage them through powerful interaction in order to convert them into potential buyers. Here social interaction comes to play. It will help you increase the audience by connecting with existing customers on social networks. Share buttons help you to share content across different social networks and thus, reach more and more people.

    If you haven’t already written your business plan, take a look through our library of free real estate business plans. This should give you a better idea of how others are doing things—and there’s nothing wrong with filching someone else’s strategy if it looks like it’s going to work for your business!

    If you need help reaching your buyers? Then we have the solution. Work with us to grow your reach, build awareness, and increase leads. We know real estate and we know digital marketing. If you’re ready to get started then Contact us about our real estate digital marketing services today.

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