How To Promote Your Blog in Kenya 2019 [Checklist]

how to promote your blog in kenya increase traffic & blog promotion tips

Increasing your blog traffic is about building lasting relationships with other bloggers and your audience. Get the scoop on hashtags and how you can use social media and email strategy to send traffic to your blog. If you cannot afford a lot of things to promote your blog in Kenya, do not worry – many bloggers have broken out and this is not a problem.

Relationship building is really all that blogs are about! Of course, you want to drive traffic to blogs, but you do not have to buy expensive marketing software such as HubSpot or hire a marketing team if you cannot afford it. You do not have to spend a lot of money getting your first visitors or developing your current traffic and conversions. If you want to create great online relationships, you’re on the right track to dramatically increase your blog traffic in Kenya.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the 107 free ways to promote your blog or drive traffic from scratch in Kenya, whether you’re just starting out or trying to bring an old blog back to life.

Personally, we use most of these methods and all contribute to creating meaningful relationships. Some of our top blog posts are :

How To Promote Your Blog With Email?

Promote Your Blog With Email in kenya

1. Build your email list.

Install the free Sumo Me plugin.

2. Send your emails at the absolute best times for opens and click throughs.

Send email on weekdays, there are slight peaks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Send email at 10 a.m.

3. Send emails to launch your new posts.

Send an email for every post you publish the day you publish.

4. To send plain text emails or visual emails?

Experiment with plain text versus HTML emails to see which gives you more click throughs.

Plain text emails have shown to get more clickthroughs for other audiences.

5. Send an email newsletter.

Compile your new content from the prior week with some of your best content and the best in your industry in a weekly email newsletter.

6. Send ’em again to the peeps who missed your initial email.

Look at your email open rate, then send the email again to only people who didn’t open your initial email.

Change the subject line to increase your chances of opens.

7. Nurture your email subscribers with email marketing automation

Use a tool like ActiveCampaign to track the pages and posts your readers are visiting.

Create an automation series of emails to send to those readers to get them deeper into your marketing funnel.

8. Enable social shares directly from the email

Use the free Share Link Generator to embed links to tweets right in your emails.

9. Include links to your blog and your posts in your email signature.

 Use WiseStamp to include links to your latest blog posts right in your email signature.

How To Use Community To Promote Your Blog in Kenya

How To Use Community To Promote Your Blog in kenya

10. Participate in aggregate sites and up-vote communities.

 Share your content on sites like reddit, BizSugar, Boxnutt, Product Hunt, Hacker News, DataTau, Lobsters,  Triberr,, and Growth Hackers.

11. Answer questions with your blog posts in forums.

 Write a Q&A post, then share it on sites like Quora.

 Find a forum in your niche to share your content by searching in Google: “intitle:forum” + [your niche keyword].

12. Get your blog on social bookmarking sites.

 Share your content on sites like AllTop, Mix, and Digg.

13. Build your inner circle.

 Set up a Slack group and invite peers you respect to help share content and ideas.

How To Promote Your Blog With Social Media

How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media in keyna

14. Share your content in many places.

 Share your content on every social network you can.

 Use a tool like CoSchedule to do this all while saving a ton of time.

15. Include your blog link in your social media profiles.

 Make sure there’s a link to your blog in every social profile for your business.

16. Rock the power of 100 rule.

 Set a goal to make 100 new contacts every day.

17. Clean up your open graph data.

 Get the NextGEN WordPress plugin to optimize the messages your readers share on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

18. Share your blog posts on social media right when you publish them.

 Schedule initial social shares for your blog posts to all of your networks with CoSchedule.

19. Share your brand new posts more than once.

 Schedule social shares for the day after, three days after, one week after, and two weeks after you publish your blog posts.

20. Repromote your older, most successful content.

 Set up a social queue to promote your old evergreen blog posts.

21. Who said you could only share one blog post at a time?

 Share your category and tag pages.

 Use a social media calendar to share any Web page or file on your website.

22. Connect to emotion.

Write messages that connect to causes, building relationships, connection, or entertainment to get more social shares.

23. Only sharing your headline? There’s a better way.

Share your meta description.

Share subheadings.

Share the messages in your Click To Tweet boxes.

Share quotes.

Share the big takeaways.

24. Stand out with visuals.

Include visuals like images, graphics, GIFs, and videos in your social shares.

25. Help employees promote your blog posts.

Ask your co-workers to share your blog posts with their networks.

26. Thank readers for sharing.

 Respond to all social shares with a thank you message and a link to a related post on your blog.

27. Stop sharing already.

Review your data to understand when to stop sharing certain blog posts so you don’t accidentally lose followers.

How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog in Kenya

Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog in kenya

28. Tweet at the best times.

Tweet on Wednesdays at 12 p.m. and 5–6 p.m.

Tweet on Mondays–Fridays at 12–3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Tweet any day of the week from 2–3 a.m., 6–7 a.m., and 9–10 p.m.

29. Tweet 15 times a day.

Tweet 15 times a day to maximize your clickthroughs.

30. Tweet helpful tips to stand out on Twitter.

Tweet advice to capture audience interest on Twitter.

Use 70-100 words per tweet.

31. Use hashtags to reach a larger audience.

Use one to two hashtags per tweet.

Find popular hashtags with What the Trend,, and Twitonomy.

32. A/B test your headlines to improve your clickthroughs.

Write 25 headlines for every blog post.

Choose your best two headlines to share to Twitter: one at publish and one an hour later.

Review the clickthroughs between the two tweets, and change the headline to the one that performs best.

33. Twitter cards “drive traffic to your website.”

Explore Twitter cards to include video and other robust content right in your Tweets.

34. Pin tweets to the top of your profile to get more retweets.

Review your top-performing tweets, then pin the best one to the top of your profile.

35. Place links 25% of the way into your tweet.

Use your link 25% of the way into your tweet to increase clickthroughs.

36. Host or participate in Twitter chats to share your knowledge and recommend blog posts.

Participate in Twitter chats in your industry and share your advice with links to your content.

Host a Twitter chat for your own audience using your most successful content as the basis for aconversation.

37. Try promoted tweets to share your most successful tweets with a larger audience.

 Boost your reach by paying to promote your most successful tweets.

How To Use Google+ To Promote Your Blog

How To Use Google+ To Promote Your Blog in kenya

38. Post at the best possible times.

Post on Wednesdays at 9 a.m.

Post-Monday–Friday at 9–11 a.m.

39. Know how often to post on Google+.

Share two posts every weekday on Google+.

40. Optimize your messages with technical information.

Share tech-savvy, in-depth, fact-driven, how-to content that includes videos and GIFs.

41. Use hashtags to help people outside of your circles find your content.

 Use 2-3 hashtags per Google+ post.

42. Try +Post Ads to promote your blog posts.

Try +Post Ads to reach a larger audience even beyond Google+ users.

How To Promote Your Blog With Facebook

Promote Your Blog With Facebook in keyna

43. Post on the best days, at the best times.

 Post Saturdays–Sundays at 12–1 p.m.

 Post on Thursdays–Fridays at 1–4 p.m.

 Post on Wednesdays at 3 p.m.

44. Post the optimal amount of times every day.

 Share one post every day.

45. Use Facebook to entertain your audience.

Share entertaining content to increase your shares and clickthroughs.

Write messages about 100 characters long.

46. Use popular hashtags to increase your reach.

Use the Trending feature in Facebook to strategically choose popular hashtags to use in your messages.

47. Pin to the top of your Facebook wall to increase your reach.

Look through your Facebook Insights to find the posts that are getting the most clickthroughs, then pin those to the top of your Facebook profile.

48. Tap into the fans in your Facebook Group.

Create a Facebook group for your biggest fans.

Share your blog posts with your Facebook Group.

49. Pay to increase your reach with boosted posts and Facebook ads.

Find your most successful posts through Facebook Insights, then boost them.

Target a very specific audience using Facebook Ads, then promote the blog posts you’ve seen be most successful on Facebook.

How To Use LinkedIn To Share Your Blog

Use LinkedIn To Share Your Blog in kenya

50. Post on LinkedIn at the best possible times.

Share on Tuesdays at 10–11 a.m.

Share Tuesday–Thursday at 7:30–8:30 a.m., noon, and 5–6 p.m.

51. Share the perfect amount of posts every day.

Share to LinkedIn four times a week, nearly one every weekday. Skip Fridays.

52. Help your audience build skills with LinkedIn.

Share case studies, success stories, business inspiration, and skill building messages.

Include infographics, info-images, memes, and videos.

53. Promote your blog to your LinkedIn Group.

Start a LinkedIn Group for your audience.

Ask those group members questions and get their feedback to turn into helpful content.

Share that content with the group.

54. Try LinkedIn sponsored content to promote your blog posts.

Micro-target your audience and boost the posts you’ve already seen be successful on LinkedIn.

How To Promote Your Blog With Pinterest in Kenya

Promote Your Blog With Pinterest in keyna

55. Pin at the best times.

Pin on Saturdays at 8–11 p.m.

Pin any day from 2–4 a.m. and 2–4 p.m.

Pin on Fridays at 3 p.m.

56. Pin multiple times a day.

Pin at least nine times a day.

57. Write appealing Pin descriptions to inspire clickthroughs.

Use keywords in your Pin descriptions and make them positive sounding.

Write descriptions that are slightly more than 300 characters long.

58. Use unique hashtags to help Pinners discover more of your blog posts.

Develop your own hashtag unique to your blog.

Use 2-3 hashtags per Pin.

59. Optimize your blog post visuals to encourage more Pins.

Use faces in your Pins to get 23% more Repins.

Use red and orange in your Pins.

Embed Pins in your blog posts to get more Repins.

60. Grow your following with Pinterest group boards.

Join existing group boards to expand your reach.

Start a Pinterest group board for your own audience.

61. Promoted Pins increase engagement rate by 2–5%.

Pay to promote your Pins to increase your engagement.

How To Use Automated Content Pushes To Promote Your Blog

Use Automated Content Pushes To Promote Your Blog in kenya

62. Set up your RSS feed and tell your audience about it.

Set up your RSS feed (if you use WordPress, it’s your domain, then /feed).

63. Reach your email haters with Web push.

Set up the free Roost Web push plugin for your blog.

64. Use push notifications to reach your mobile audience.

Set up the free Pushbullet app for your blog.

How To Use Outreach And Partnerships To Promote Your Blog

Use Outreach And Partnerships To Promote Your Blog in Kenya

65. Share your blog posts with peeps who’ve shared similar content.

Find people who have shared similar content through hashtags or Moz’ Open Site Explorer.

66. Share with those who’ve written similar content.

Find content similar to what you just wrote, and share your blog posts in the comments.

Use Ahrefs Content Explorer to find popular content in your niche, then get in touch with those authors.

67. Mention influencers in your posts and let them know.

Use, BuzzStream, or Empire Kred to find influencers you mention in your blog posts and email them.

68. Get on round-up posts to reach new audiences.

Find blogs that do round-up posts in your niche to get on their newest posts by searching for this in Google:

“intitle:roundup” + your industry/keyword.

69. Get on round-up emails to expand your reach.

Find people who do round-up newsletters in your niche by searching for this query in Google:

intitle: roundup email” + your industry/keyword.

70. Ask partners and a liates to share your content.

Review your list of partners and a   liates, then ask them to share your content with their networks.

71. Try cross-marketing, content trades, sponsored messaging, co-marketing—whatever you wanna call it.

 Create a list of blogs you respect in your niche.

 Reach out to the editors on those blogs to establish a co-marketing partnership.

72. Write a guest post to share your thoughts with a new audience.

 Create a list of awesome blogs in your niche.

 Prepare a pitch specific to each blog and email the editor.

73. Rock a guest posting campaign to share your thoughts with several new audiences.

 Develop a new method or custom research.

 Create a list of blogs that would like content of that type.

 Write a pitch to the editor of each blog specifically detailing why their audience will love your new idea.

74. Use remarketing to re-engage 84% of your visitors.

 Use Adroll or marketing360 to show your ads to people who have already visited your blog.

75. Rock some search engine marketing with Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

 Promote your content with Google AdWords and Bing Ads targeting similar keywords to those you used in your content itself.

76. Promote your blog posts with recommended content advertising.

 Use Outbrain, Taboola, or Zemanta to promote your blog posts in other blogs’ content recommendation areas.\

77. Look into discovery site advertising.

 Promote your blog posts with reddit ads or StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Service.

How To Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To Promote Your Blog

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To Promote Your Blog in kenya

78. Target one keyword per blog post to increase your #1–3 SERP rankings by 248%.

 Choose a keyword for every blog post you publish.

79. Optimize your posts for the keyword.

 Use your keyword at the beginning of the page title, and in the meta description and H1.

 Use the keyword throughout the blog post, along with synonyms.

80. Link to the best posts from your new posts.

 Include internal links to your top content from your new blog posts.

81. Submit to search engines when you publish to get your content indexed quickly.

 Get the Google SML Sitemap plugin or use Ping-O-Matic to give your content to search engines immediately after you publish.

82. Focus on link building to build trust with search engines.

 Ask your customers to link to your blog.

 Publish valuable, informative, and entertaining content.

 Create content that inspires viral sharing and natural linking.

 Be newsworthy.

How To Optimize Your Blog Posts To Increase Your Social Shares And Traffic

Optimize Your Blog Posts To Increase Your Social Shares And Traffic in Kenya

83. Publish your blog posts at the best times to reach your goals.

Get blog tra  c on Monday 9-10 a.m., 11 a.m. ET

Get blog comments on Saturday 9 a.m. ET

Get inbound links on Thursday 7 a.m. ET

Improve social reach on Saturday and Sunday 9 p.m.-midnight ET, Thursday 9-10 a.m. ET

84. Focus on the practical utility to get more social shares.

Give actionable advice, back up your advice, and tell the story using real numbers.

85. Write comprehensive blog posts.

Write long-form content to increase your social shares and traffic.

86. Choose the best headline type to get traffic, shares, and search results.

 Use list, how-to, or question headlines.

87. Include a number in your headline to double your social shares.

Include numbers in your headlines beyond just lists—percents, ranks, and time also work to improve social shares.

88. Write emotional headlines to get more social shares.

Use emotional words and a very clear value proposition in your headlines to increase your social shares.

89. Hook your readers with a powerful blog post introduction.

Start with a fact, put the conclusion first, or ask a question to captivate the audience who only reads 100 words and then shares your posts.

90. Ask for shares to get 94% more acceptance for your call to action.

End your blog posts with a clear call to action asking your readers to share your content.

91. Optimize your images to be shared.

Minimize your file size, optimize the file names, and use real images with smiling faces.

92. Embed infographics in your blog posts to get more shares.

Tell the story in your blog post in a visual way with an embedded infographic.

93. Drive more traffic to your blog with image sharing buttons.

Get SumoMe’s free Image Sharer plugin to increase the number of social shares from your blog post images.

94. Use Click To Tweet to get more… well… tweets.

Get Click To Tweet for absolutely free to encourage more social shares right inline within the context of your blog posts.

95. Help your readers email your blog posts to their friends.

Install the WP-email or Email This Page plugin to help your readers email your blog posts to others.

96. Place your social media sharing buttons somewhere prominent to increase your shares.

Place your social media buttons on the top left side of the page.

Remove low share counts and underused social buttons.

97. Get SumoMe’s Highlighter to get more tweets.

 Install SumoMe’s Highlighter to encourage more social shares of your readers’ favorite quotes.

98. Include links to new posts from your most popular posts.

 Find your most popular pages by page views and social shares, and add links from those posts to your newest posts.

99. Link to related articles at the end of your blog posts.

 Install the Related Posts, Contextual Related Posts, or Yuzo Related Posts plugin to show recommended content at the end of your blog posts.

How To Repurpose And Improve Your Blog Posts

100. Syndicate your content in with your 20 spare minutes.

 Republish your blog post on Medium, Business2Community, or LinkedIn Publisher.

101. Turn your blog into a vlog to reach a larger audience.

 Record your blog post as a video to share on YouTube and embed into your post itself.

 Record a Vine, then share it with Twitter.

102. Turn your vlog into a podcast.

 Grab the audio from your video and turn it into a podcast.

 Embed the podcast in your post with Blubrry PowerPress, then share it on iTunes and Stitcher.

103. Include content upgrades in your blog posts to increase your email subscribers.

 Write a checklist, template, guide, worksheet, or infographic to include with every blog post.

 Share that resource on Slideshare, Scribd, and Pinterest.

Now You Know How To Promote Your Blog To Get Social Shares, Search Results, And Tra c

104. Publish quality content regularly to grow your traffic

 Publish great content consistently to keep your readers coming back for more.

105. Repeat it all again.

 Choose the best tactics that have worked for you from this list and continue doing them for every post you publish.

106. Turn your blog posts into an ebook.

 Identify 5 to 10 blog posts from your blog that are related.

 Organize each blog post into chapters.

 Use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to distribute your ebook.

107. Repeat it all again.

 Use Google Analytics to find old blog posts that are no longer receiving traffic.

 Improve the content on those posts by updating outdated information, adding more content, and making them more resourceful.

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