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ultimate email marketing guide kenya for beginners

▶️ Do you want to generate more sales ?

▶️ Want To Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign in Kenya?

▶️ For this, you must use small business email marketing in an effective way. Learn advertising via email marketing online best practices from creating a strategy to building a list to tracking results.

You are right!

Email is always the most direct and effective way to connect with your prospects to turn them into customers.
In this beginner’s Email Marketing Kenya guide, we will see each of the essential steps to set up an email strategy and send your first campaign successfully.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Email Marketing services in Kenya act as an excellent marketing tool to acquire and retain customers, but it can sometimes be too complex for beginners. We are already running successful email newsletter campaigns for some of our esteemed clients in Kenya.

Follow this email marketing guide to learn how to setup and run email marketing campaign in kenya effectively.

Here is a table of contents to help you access each section of this email guide –

▶️ Section 1: Introduction to the emailing guide
▶️ Section 2: Selecting an emailing software
▶️ Section 3: Build your email list
▶️ Section 4: Create an emailing campaign
▶️ Section 5: Analysis of Results


These templates include:

Pre-Written marketing Emails

Pre-Written Customer Reference Emails

Pre-Written PR & Blogging Outreach Emails

Pre-Written Sales Emails

How to Write the Perfect Email

 free email marketing resources download

100+ Best Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rates

best email subject lines free email marketing resources download

Email Marketing Planning Template xls – Free Download

Use this Excel template to strategically organize your email marketing.Free Download Email_Marketing_Planning_xls_Template

📩 An Ultimate Guide for Beginner’s to Successful Email Marketing

To begin this email marketing guide for small business in Kenya , we will see some key figures together. With 269 billion emails sent every day, we measure the strength of email in today’s digital world.

And this is all the more true in a business & SEO services Kenya context, where nearly 57% of marketers say they will increase their email marketing budget.

Here is a definition of email marketing, its benefits as well as the main key figures of the domain.

When implementing a communication strategy, we can define the term of emailing as follows:

The distribution of targeted emails to a list of recipients as part of a marketing campaign.


Top Key Benefits of Email Marketing In Kenya

Email marketing has many advantages, including the ability to segment these email lists and obtain very interesting conversion rates. To summarize the strengths of email marketing, we can mention the following:

✅ Establish a relationship with users and retain potential customers.

✅ Cost savings with email software offering excellent value for money.

✅ Ability to target your marketing messages via the segmentation of your email database.

✅ Campaign statistics (opening rate, click through rate, conversion rate, etc.)

✅ The highest conversion rates of digital marketing.

✅ Ability to automate email sending and campaign planning.

What Is Considered to Be a Good Open Rate Percentage for Email Marketing

Although competing with social networks, email marketing in Kenya remains one of the most used digital tools in the world. It’s simple, nearly 269 billion emails are sent every day.

From a business point of view, more than 57% of marketing managers believe that they will increase their emailing budget for next year, which indicates their marked interest in the field.

Here are the key figures about emailing:

✅ 92% of Internet users use email to communicate (Pew Research).

✅ 4.3 billion email couriers worldwide. (Radicati).

✅ 64% of businesses believe email is their most effective marketing channel (GetResponse).

✅ 83% of B2B marketers use emailing in their marketing strategy. (MIC)

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📩 Choose the Right Email Marketing Software for Your Business


Choose the Right Email Marketing Software for Your Business in Kenya

The second step in this beginner’s email guide is to select an e-mail software tailored to your needs. This step is crucial in the development of its communication strategy. Depending on your type of business, your email database, or your language, you can prioritize email software.

Together, we’ll see a complete comparison of the best messaging software, as well as key elements to look for when selecting your email marketing solution.

How to Choose an Email Marketing Platform

To correctly choose a messaging software that meets these objectives and needs, there are several things to consider.

Price, usability, model editor, available statistics, language, advanced features such as A/B testing or marketing automation, customer service, etc. are among the most important elements for choosing your email software.

Best Email Marketing Services Comparison

Depending on your emailing goals, some software will be better suited to your needs and your budget. Some of the top email marketing software services are:

▶️ Omnisend

▶️ Klaviyo


▶️ Kevy

▶️ AWeber

▶️ Emma

▶️ Campaign Monitor

▶️ Drip

▶️ EmailOctopus

▶️ Constant Contact

▶️ ConvertKit

▶️ GetResponse

▶️ ActiveCampaign

To go further in comparing the different email marketing solutions available, I realized a complete comparison of emailing software, and among the existing solutions on the market, there are 4 that stand out particularly from the lot, especially in terms of ergonomics and value for money.

Here Is A Description Of The Features And Benefits Of some of the most popular email software for small business out there:

📧 Mailify Email Marketing Software


▶️ Price 90%
▶️ Features 100%
▶️ Ergonomics 90%
▶️ Languages 95%
▶️ 100% customer service

Mailify Software Reviews

Mailify is the leader in email marketing solution with more than 30,000 companies and individuals using it.

It is simply one of the complete solutions on the market with many advanced features such as A/B testing, connectors to other software (such as Google Analytics, Magento, WordPress, etc.), the possibility of working in a team, a gallery of more than 250 templates, etc.

The solution offers excellent value for money given all the features available. Another important advantage of Mailify is its customer service in many languages which is very responsive and accompanies you according to your requests.

Go to Mailify

Mailify Pricing Plan & Cost Guide

▶️ 1000 emails: $ 35.
▶️ 2500 emails: $ 59.
▶️ 5000 emails: $ 69.
▶️ 10000 emails: $ 95.

📧 Sendinblue : an Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Software

Sendinblue Features

▶️ Price 100%
▶️ Features 90%
▶️ Ergonomics 90%
▶️ Languages 95%
▶️ Customer service 80%

Sendinblue Reviews

If you are looking for a simple and free email marketing software for small business for your emailing campaigns, Sendinblue is for you! Launched in 2011, Sendinblue is a solution for sending 100% emails, free up to 9,000 emails per month and offering extremely competitive rates.

Free does not mean limited for Sendinblue, quite the contrary. With a large number of models available, good ergonomics and advanced features such as marketing automation or SMS marketing, Sendinblue has become in a few years one of the main players in the market. The only weak point of the solution is a weak customer service compared to some more expensive competitors.

Sendinblue Pricing Plan & Cost Guide

▶️ 9000 emails: free
▶️ 40000 emails: $ 5.49.
▶️ 60000 emails: $ 29.

📧 Getresponse : an Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Getresponse Features

▶️ Price 80%
▶️ Features 100%
▶️ Ergonomics 95%
▶️ Languages 95%
▶️ 70% of customer service

Getresponse Reviews 

GetResponse is a solution that offers some of the most advanced features on the market, including a complete auto-responder (automatic emails), several hundred templates, the ability to create landing pages and a tool simple and intuitive marketing automation management. Its excellent ergonomics is also a strong point of GetResponse.

The only weak point of the solution would be its customer service, although available 24/24 but lack of human assistance.

Getresponse Pricing Plan & Cost Guide

▶️ 1000 emails: $ 15
▶️ 5000 emails: $ 49
▶️ 10000 emails: $ 165

📧 Mailchimp : Simplified Email Delivery With Marketing Automation Platform‎

Mailchimp Features

▶️ Price 90%
▶️ Features 95%
▶️ Ergonomics 90%
▶️ Languages 60%
▶️ 40% of customer service

Mailchimp Reviews 

MailChimp is widely the best known emailing solution in the world. With a neat design and a lot of interesting features such as the intuitive template editor and marketing automation, has seduced a large number of users.

The big weak point of the solution is that it is available only in English not available in other languages. Another problem is that customer service is practically non-existent, but with a very large FAQ library.

On the price level, MailChimp is free up to 2000 emails which is interesting, but as soon as you enter the paid part, the rates become higher than the competition.

Also note that in the free version, you must display the MailChimp logo which can be a drag on some companies.

Mailchimp Pricing Plan & Cost Guide

▶️ 2,000 emails: free.
▶️ 2,500 emails: $ 30.
▶️ 5,000 emails: $ 50.

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📩 Guide on How to Build an Email Marketing List From Scratch


In this third section of the beginner’s emailing guide, we will see that the key to any emailing campaign is to build a consistent and well-segmented email list. If you start with a good email database, you’re off to a great start.

We will see together all the important elements to build a quality emailing database.

Set Goals and Target Audience for Your Email Marketing Campaign

As with any communication strategy, it is essential to clearly define its objective as well as its target audience (s) as part of an email marketing strategy. By determining your goal, you have the ability to create more effective email campaigns tailored to your target audience.

The main idea we develop in this email marketing guide is that you put yourself in the place of your target audience and determine their needs. Do you want to be informed about the latest news about your company? Does the customer want to receive special offers and discounts on your products or services? This will allow you to adapt your message and reach your goals.

Here Are Some Examples Of Goals You Can Pursue:

✅ Increase the opening rates of emailing

✅ Bring traffic to the site

✅ Increase in the number of prospects

✅ Increase sales

How You Can Build an Email Marketing List Quickly

To build a good email database, you have several options at your disposal. Some are very simple to implement while remaining effective, while others are more original and can offer you interesting results.

✅ It’s up to you to see which of these proposals suits you best.

✅ Get your CRM list of customers and prospects.

✅ Add a registration form to your website.

✅ Collect emails via ebooks (where the user must mention his email to retrieve it).

✅ Add a newsletter signup tab on your Facebook page.

✅ Add the link to the newsletter in your email signature.

What Is Opt-in Email Marketing & Its Importance

The concept of opt-in is fundamental in the context of the construction of an emailing list. Indeed, opt-in can be defined as follows:

“An opt-in email address has previously consented, through registration, to receive emails from a company or individual.”

By definition, the opt-in is opposed to the opt-out when the person who has been added to a mailing list has not previously accepted and must indicate that it no longer wishes to receive emails from this sender. This opt-out practice is illegal in the European Union and also in Switzerland.

📩 Step by Step Guide to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaign


In this 4th step of the emailing guide for beginners, we will finally get our hands dirty by looking together at the essential elements for the creation of an effective emailing campaign.

Different Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that emailing campaigns are not just newsletters. There are several types of email marketing campaigns, here are the 5 main ones:

✅ Invitation to an event

✅ Marketing offer

✅ Special Announcement

✅ Transactional email

✅ Newsletter

How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

To get a consistent and effective email campaign, there are several steps that must be taken to avoid the traditional pitfalls that beginners fall into. If I mentioned only 7 essential elements of effective emailing, I would certainly indicate the following:

Segment Your Email Database for Better Email List

We have already seen it earlier in this emailing guide that it is essential to properly segment the email database according to the information you have in position and the audiences you want to target. For example, a geographical indication will allow you to adapt the message of your emailing according to the place.

You can also translate the emailing into the appropriate language, or, for example, use a loyalty message to your customers, and a more commercial message to prospects not knowing your services.

Find a Powerful Email Subject to Increase Your Email Open Rates

When we know that professionals receive an average of more than a hundred emails per day, we understand that the competition to be seen and read in an email is hard.

The subject of the email is the first thing a potential reader sees, so it is crucial to find the right wording of the email subject to capture the reader’s attention and make him want to open your email or your Newsletter.

Understand How to Master Proper Business Email Format

You have created a powerful and catchy title: your contact has now opened your email. Great!

Now, you have to create quality content to keep it interesting when you play it. Did you know that the average attention time of a user on the web is only 8 seconds?

In concrete terms, this means that the recipients opening your emails will certainly browse it at a glance, without necessarily lingering over it.

It is therefore important to structure the content of your email and make visible the key elements of your email, such as links, special offers and call-to-action. The sections must also be well defined with the graphics and do not forget to test the reading of email on mobile.

Here Are Some Tips To Achieve This:

Create an attractive design. The visual quality of your campaigns will determine the recipient’s desire to continue or not to read. So remember to keep consistency in the font you use, the colors you choose, the different formats.

Do not hesitate to spend time. MailChimp can also accompany you in this step if you miss ideas: enjoy the hundreds of pre-built and completely customizable templates that are available.

Write a short and effective text. It’s well known, quality matters over quantity. Your reader will not necessarily take the time to read an email that seems too long and time-consuming.

It is therefore very important to write a clear text where users can understand the message in less than a minute. In addition, as for the title of your email, it is always a good idea to speak directly to your contact person (“you”).
Include visuals.

Internet users like to see beautiful pictures; the eyes are directly attracted to these elements. Do not hesitate to breathe your email by including several visuals.

Include “Call-to-Actions”, as their name suggests, are formulations that lead your audience to perform an action. These are one of the key success factors for an email marketing campaign.

They promote the ultimate response and conversion rate of your message, so it’s important to spend time on this step.

Best Practices on How to Use a Good Image & Text Ratio

One of the classic mistakes of beginners in emailing is to put too many images in their newsletter and forget to put text accompanying this one.

Obviously, a newsletter without images is a little sad and captures less attention, but it must be kept in mind that couriers can block the display of images and a textless email can also be penalized by email messengers and make them spam.

Too much image can also make your newsletter unreadable on mobile and thus cut you off from a large portion of your readers.

The ideal ratio text/image in an emailing is:
Ideal text/image ratio: 60% text and 40% images

Optimize Your CTA in An Email Marketing Campaign

The call-to-action represents the key action you want your reader to do by reading the email.

In the vast majority of cases, the call-to-action is a button containing a link to the content of your choice, most often a page of your website.

Call-to-action will directly depend on the goal you have set in your emailing strategy. If you want to increase sales and lead sales, you need to think about how to get your audience to sales pages or to a registration form for example.

Test in Your Email Campaigns Before Sending an Email

If there is one thing you need to remember in this emailing guide, it’s good that you should always test your emails before sending.

Unlike a Facebook post, it is not possible to easily fix an error in an email after sending it. It is therefore important to test that everything works.

The variety of email messaging also makes it easy to test the delivery of emails in all major email brands (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). Fortunately, there are tools to test the visualization of an emailing on all its messaging in one interface, which saves you time.

Write an Excellent Email Subject Line

The title is the first thing that will catch the attention of your recipient.

It will define whether or not your interlocutor will open your email and will, therefore, have a direct impact on the success of your email marketing campaign.

Here Are Some Tips For Creating A Catchy And Catchy Title:

A good title is a short title. Your readers are saturated with emails every day; their eyes will, therefore, turn more easily to a title that reads faster.

In addition, respecting the right number of characters and favoring a short format will prevent you from being truncated when it is displayed in the mailbox of your recipient.

Speak directly to your reader. If he feels concerned, your reader will be much more interested in opening your email. Using the words “you” or “your” is, therefore, very good practice for your email titles.

Use converting words. Some words generate a higher conversion rate than others. Use them.

Here is a list of the 5 most converting words on the web:

You (like what, it’s really a good idea to speak directly to your reader)
✅ Free
✅ Because
✅ Instantaneous
✅ New

Add emojis – In 2019, we love emojis. They personalize your title and give it an eye-catching look while breaking the formal side that can hinder your email marketing campaign. Be careful not to overdo it too much.

Avoid too much advertising formulas. With all the promotional emails circulating, users are naturally wary. If they feel that you want to sell them a product at all costs, they will easily move your emails to spam.

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📩 Analyze and Improve Email Marketing Campaign Results

learn how to analyzing email marketing campaign results

In this section of the email marketing guide, we will see that one of the great benefits of email marketing compared to traditional marketing is to be able to measure and analyze a large number of statistics to evaluate the success of an email campaign.

Check the main indicators to be measured as well as the statistics obtained on average worldwide for email marketing campaigns.

How Do You Measure Success of An Email Marketing Campaign

Email software often offers a lot of useful statistics to analyze the campaigns

✅ The click rate

✅ The conversion rate

✅ The rebound rate

✅ The opening rate

✅ The evolution of your number of subscribers

✅ The shares of emailing your social networks

✅ The return on investment (ROI)

What Is Considered to be a Good Open Rate Percentage for Email Marketing

When we start emailing, one of the first questions we ask is whether the performance of its campaigns are good and in line with the average sector.

The good news is that there are several comprehensive studies in the field that gives us the main average indicators in email marketing. It is obviously necessary to take these statistics with tweezers according to your sector as well as your type of campaign.

Here Are The 2 Main Indicators In Email Marketing Below:

▶️ Average email opening rate for all industries: 21.73% (Getresponse)
▶️ Average clickthrough rate in emails for all industries: 3.57% (Getresponse)

Key Benefits of Email Marketing for Businesses

Targeted email marketing services in Kenya is a powerful driver of revenue and sales for your business. It has a higher reach and ROI than any other channel available today for marketers or digital marketing agency in kenya

Follow the given steps in this guide to get you started quickly and easily with email marketing. You will find it easy to create and send an email advertising campaign and it will produce results that are unmatched for your business.

Now that you know how to automate and personalize your email marketing campaigns, you can turn these campaigns into revenue generating machines.

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